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What type of window do you suggest in Maryland to reduce the amount of noise coming from residental street? Specifically, bass from automobiles. Bass triggers seizures in family member. Short of removing windows completely, we need options in this renovation
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Hi, well you have obviously heard of double glazing, this does cut down the noise a lot but you want tripple glazing, the noise reduction is fantastic, the three panes of glass form the unit the internal and the external should be the same thickness but the middle pane should be of a different thickness, because sound waves travel through glass at the same wave length on the same thicknesses of glass,on double glazing the waves are reduced but because the glass is the same thickness inside and outside the wave transmission through both panes is the same, but adding the extra pane in the middle of a different thickness cuts up the wave length because it cant travel straight through due to the different thickness of the glass in the middle, so the noise transmission is signifficantly reduced compared to double glazing, the thicknesses we use here on the Island of Jersey in the English channel are 4mm / 6mm / 4mm, you can get more info from your local glass company, do not go to anyone else but a glass company as they are the exsperts on glass and their Values, and will provide you with the right infomation for your problem, if you want more info then email me and I will scan and send you info on this, another option is internally fitted secondry glazing this is a window that is fitted to the internal reveals these are openable but just make sure that the glass in the secondry window is thicker than the external windows,I hope this helps a little, Handyman....

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