drilling hole on a metal door


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I am trying to replace the deadbolt lock on a metal door. The metal is about 1/10" with foram filling inside. The previous hole is too small for the new lock so it needs to be expanded. The question is that can I use the very same hole saw for wood to drill a metal door? Thanks
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Hi, the Obviouse answer is no, drill bits made for drilling holes in wood are not hardened to the same exstent as bits made to drill holes in steel or soft metal like Aluminium, but you can do it the other way round, also the shape of the bit for wood differ's to that for metal on the ends, if you try it, it will start ok but then it will become blunt very quickly and not finish the job, I hope this helps a little, Handyman

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chowy, form experience I know that redrilling your dead bolt will be very difficult. Since a hole saw has a guide bit it is very difficult to drill a hole bigger. there will be nowhere for the guide bit to go into and the saw teeth will wander around the hole chewing up your door. I suggest inserting a block of wood in the existing hole so the bit dosen't wander. good Luck.
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Hello, Your fist problem -- metal door, buy a metal hole saw about 15.00 for2 1/8".
Second problem enlarging the hole, easy, on the style of the door mark the cener of the hole. take a piece of wood about 1x6x12". draw a center line across the board measure your backset on your door
( from the edge of your door to the center of the hole) now take that measurement and transfer it to the center line on the board. (from the edge of your board) Use your new hole saw and bore a hole in the board at your measurements. Line up the edge of the board to the edge of the door on the center lines and clamp the board in place. Now if we did this right when you look into the hole in the board you should see the smaller hole of the door in center of the bigger hole.Take the hole saw and put it inside the hole on the board and cutl the door about 1/2 way then put the board on the other sidre of the door and finish your cut, the hole in the board is your guide and will keep the hole saw from walking. The pilot drill is only used to start the hole, once the saw enters the work the hole itself will guide the saw.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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