Installing glass in exisitng Wing doors.


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Our house has louvered wing doors leading from the kitchen to the dining room and another set from the dining room to the formal living room. I would like desperately to have the top louvers removed and have some tempered glass installed to allow for more light to come through. The doors are necessary as we have LOTS OF PETS! I would like to keep the louvers on the bottom to allow for airflow. I have called around to several places and everyone keeps telling me the same thing - "It would be easier to just replace the doors." Well, I don't buy that! The doors are in excellent condition and I see no reason why someone can't just install glass in the top section. What is the best source to contact for this project?
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Hi CandyLoya, well although what you want to do is possible is it practical, firstly louvre doors are not made to take a lot of downwards load, although the joints are well glued these may not take the weight of the tempered glass you wish to put in the top half of the door, also the hinges that are fitted may not be strong enough to take the extra weight, but if your determined to do this firstly your louvre door must have a middle munting bar so that the louvrers are split into two sections, top and bottom, firstly measure the thickness of the wooden louvre door then deduct the thickness of the glass you want to install and it must be a safty glass!, now after deducting the thickness of the glass divide the remainig by size by 2, now this is the thickness of the wooden beading you need to buy, now measure both heights of the top half of your door and both the widths of the top half of your door, that is the internal size not the overall size of the door,now add it all together and now double it and add 12" for play, now on one side of the door opening ie where the louvres used to sit you need to cut and fit and pin the beading into place to act as the rebate for your glass to sit against when in position, now cut the other side as the first side and place in position but do not pin in place now the gap between both the internal and external beadings on your door should be the same thickness as the glass you want to install,now remove the none pined beading and remeasure your internal width and - 2/16th and the same with the height this gives you the glass size you require, fit the glass pane use a clear silicone or kaulk to hold in place around the edges of the glass, now fit the other side with the pre cut beads push it up tight to the glass and pin into place, but I take no responsibility for the out come ie the doors not being strong enough to take the extra weight, the original answer you were given was the correct one but it is up to you but it may prove costly to you in the long run if you do fit glass, I hope this helps a little, Handyman

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