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I am putting in vinyl replacement windows
and i dont need the storms can
I fix up the outside trim.I see that some
are trimmed right over the wood but with what?and where can I buy it? Also the place
where i bought the windows gave me 2 double
hungs instead of sliders can I put them in
sideways? will they look OK?
Thanks john
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You can't put a double hung window sideway to make it a slider. The lower sash will slide open on its own since it has balances attached and the biggest problem is that you will have water problems since the bottom of the window is actually the side of the double hung and will accumulate water.
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Hi John, Johnam is correct you cannot put the window in side ways due to the way the window is made and how the drainage works, the place that you bought your windows from should also stock a supply of plastic trims so aproch them first if they dont stock them they will know the best place in your area to buy them, I hope this helps a little,Handyman

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First of all, take the windows back. You have the wrong windows. Wrong windows will not work. Second, when you are replacing
with vinyl, as you are doing, you will have to cut back your siding so that the windows will go flat against the window frame, and you can nail the fins into your house. Then you will have to buy some brickmold, and cut to size to cover up the gap between the window and the siding, and nail in place. You will have to calk twice. Once on the inside of the fins, and again before you put up the brickmold. This is the only way it can be done. Good Luck

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Are these actual "replacement" windows or new construction windows. This first having no nailing flange and the latter having a full flange all the way around them.

Jack is right about the fitting if they are new construction windows.

If they are replacements then the old trim holding the sashes in now might work unless they are rotten.

As far as the exterior trim (around the window unit), it really depends on what you want your windows to look like.

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