Doors won't latch unless slammed...


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I've got two entry doors that will not latch and lock (both have deadbolt lock & doorknob w/o key entry)unless slammed shut. I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this or would the deadbolt, etc need to be replaced? I've found that if the stormdoor doesn't latch closed - sometimes w/o slamming the door it will latch but most of the time they will not latch.
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[Hello, sometime weather stripping that attaches to the door stop is too tight against the door. Just readjust it.If weather stripping isn't the problem adjust the strike plate, I use electrician pliers and put the jaw in the strike plate and hit them with a hammer to move the strike plate a little. If that does't work remove the strike plate and re mount it so the door latches.
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Hi SSeneycat, well all that is wrong is that the strike plate is too far back, the strike plate is the metal piece that the door locks and latches onto on the main frame of your door, undo the screws the keep your strike plate atached to your mainrfame and pull the striker outwards toward the leading edge of the frame and re fix in position, woodbutches use of a pair of plyers and a hammer is a real botch job and will only ruin the frame and the strike in the longrun D.I.Y is not about butchery as he and his name suggest's but is about doing the best possible job with the least outlay and doing it oneself if you need more info or advice pleaes email me ok, I am here to help and make sure all answers are reasonable and are safe to do within this forum, I hope this helps a little, Handyman

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