Wood facade around door separated from brick


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My front door is framed by a wood facade, the top of which (in a half-circle shape) has separated from the brick wall, by about 2-4 inches. How would I reattach this?
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Hi GwenV, well one can only assume that the 1/2 circle above the door was atached with screw fixings into the brick behind the wood, if this is the case then you need to find the old fixings on the front of the wooden 1/2 circle, to do this look carefully at the front for any raised bumps that would sugest a screw fixing that has been filled in and painted, when found dig out the filler and remove the old fixing, now with a hammer drill and a masonary bit redrill a hole into the brick put in a wall plug and refix with a stainless steel fixing screw, the other way of fixing would be brackets coming off the sides of the 1/2 circle that are atached with screws then the bracket goes behind the wooden facade and is fixed to the brick there, the only way to get to this is to remove the top half of the wooden facade untill you get to the brackets and refix, but if you dont want to do this even though it is fixed with brackets just do the first option by drilling new fixing holes counter sink them so the head of the screw sits beneath the surface of the wood fix then fill in with a wood filler, sand and then paint or stain as required, I hope this helps a little, Handyman.

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