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Hullo all! I need to replace the windows in my townhouse, but there is one big hurdle I must first overcome. I've never had to deal with window issues before and would really appreciate any assistance offered. The windows are set in aluminum frames and are single paned. Two panes per window and are set so that they slide left to right, one over the other(I don't remember the name of the type of window...they look like sideways double hung)(hope this helps). Because I live in florida I need windows that efficiently keep out the heat of the sun. The current frames are properly corroded, the weather seals are worn and cracked and when it rains moisture leaks in. Because the townhouse is in a condo association I am only permitted to install aluminum frames. I'd like to try fiberglass in a color that mimics aluminum. Here are several of the many questions running around my head...
1. How do I shop for windows...i.e. what questions should I ask, what do I do first? 2. How much is too much to spend on a window? 3. Can I save money by replacing the frames and reusing the panes? and should I? 4. What should I look for when purchasing a window? 5. What time frame am I looking at to have a contractor take out the old and install the new (I have two cats I don't want escaping)? 6. Does anyone know if fiberglass windows come in a color that mimics aluminum? and is it a suitable replacement for windows formerly set in aluminum frames? Thanks
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Hi AOswold, well the first step is to decide what windows you really want, ie the windows you already have are called Horizontal sliding windows, now most condoes not only require that you fit the same material of window but also that you keep the same design of window so that if you have a horizontal silding window it must be replaced with a Horizontal sliding window, so find out first if you are allowed to change the design, with Vynal/fibreglass windows no they dont come in a colour that mimics Aliminium also the thickness of the profiles is a lot different, ie Vynil is a lot wider and so cuts down on the amount of light entering a room this can be quite significant, No donot try to reuse the original glass, so phone several window companies get them to send thier salesman around to measure up and give you quotes this is normally done free of charge and you are under no obligation to to buy from these companies, so do not be pressured into anything untill you have considdered all the options, the windows you get should be thermally broken if they are Aliminium, also they should be double glazed as standard this cuts down on condensation if you have any which Im sure you do with single pane windows, also it cuts down on outside noise polution, if you have Laminated glass as part of your double glazing it will cut down on the damage caused by the strong sunlight on your furniture and reduces the fading of your furnishings, but will cost you extra, also you can have an antisun tinted glass fitted normally bronze this reduces the amount of heat that gets into the house through your windows in the summer it also reduces the amount of heat loss in the winter through your windows as well, once you have chosen your windows and signed the contract your windows should be fitted in approx 4 weeks maximun depending on how busy the company is also who ever you choose to install your windows ask them if they have customers who will let you see thier windows and if they were happy with the way the company went about fitting them, if they are a reputable company this will be no problem for them to arrange but do this before finaly signing the contract, last but not least check out what warrenty is on offer with the windows as this will vary from company to comoany, well if you require more detailed info on your windows please dont hesitate to email me with your questions, I hope this helps a little, handyman.

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Hi AOlswold. Handyman did a good job of explaining your options, but you will find that there are others. If your condo assn. limits you to aluminum windows (shame on them!), then I would opt for aluminum clad frames. To reduce heat infiltration in the summer and heat loss in the winter, check into low-e glass. As far as how long the windows will take to install -- once they are ordered it should take 4 to 6 weeks for them to be delivered. Once the crew begins installing, they should be able to replace all of them in one day. Knowing cats, they won't want to be anyplace near where these guys are working, but you can always close them in one room before the window is replaced, then move them to another room once it's window is replaced. Hope this helps.

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