Moving door opening and header?


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I'm an advanced DIY'er, and need to shift an interior door opening (bathroom) about 8 inches to accomodate a new bathtub/alcove installation.

My question is how to shift the header and jack studs to the new location; this is a load bearing wall. I'm thinking that as long as the top plate is supported (2x4's on a slight angle, nailed to support bases which in turn are nailed into the slab would hold it up while I remove and re-build the header in it's new location.

How do the pro's do this? It's not a long span, only about 5 feet.


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Simply build a tempoary wall to support the ceiling a couple feet away from the wall you'll be rebuilding -- and don't slant the 2X4's. Attach the top plate to the ceiling joists.
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You probably won't have a problem with your ceiling caving in or drooping during this rebuild. Just make sure that you replace or install with #2 or better lumber.

Make sure that you have a solid header. A 2x10 with 1/2 plywood or 7/16 OSB filler is a home run choice. Nailed all the way to the top plates and add another 2x4 to the bottom and voila, your door RO height is already there.

Don't forget to use masonry nails to attach your new bottom plate to the slab. I'd use treated 2x4 as a bottom plate against cement.

You should not have to move your top plate at all.

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You have been givin good info. I would probably open the wall and build in my new jack studs and header stud first. That way, you will only have your complete wall open a short time.
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