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Hello from England.
I have a large, blank, brick wall (2-course cavity) at the back of the house and I want to fit a large (6 ft long by 4 ft high) wooden window into it, so I have to fit a reinforced concrete lintel into the wall first. My question: is there a handy trick for fitting this lintel, bearing in mind there is 8/10 ft of brick wall above the lintel which needs to be prevented from collapsing before the lintel is inserted?
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Hi sean, UK here as well, why does it need to be a concreat lintel what about a steel girder?. you need to pin the wall above before knocking out the wall belowe.
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Thought I'd help out a fellow European.

You don't have to stick with a concrete reinforced lintel as a steel one will do the job just as well and is lighter.

Your biggest problem is supporting the wall above the place that you are going to insert the lintel.

I'll try and explain it;

You need to create atleast TWO holes a foot above the place that the lintel will go. These two holes MUST pass through the walls and come out on both sides. Next you will need two "needles" (lengths of wood 4" x 4" x 3 ft in length). Pass these through the two holes.

You should now have a wall with two holes and a couple of planks protuding out each side of the wall.

Hire four scaffolding props and secure the two planks by placing the props on the ground. These will act as your support for the rest of the wall. Make sure you tighten the props to take the tension.

Next chop away the space you need for the lintel. The props wil stop the wall from falling down. Put in the lintel and cement in place.

Wait until the cement has completey dried before you remove the props and needles.

Now add your new window.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your suggestions.
As it turned out, I found I could hire devices called Strongboys which are basically a steel tongue about 30 cm long and 10 cm wide. The method is to scrape/drill/cut the cement from between the two courses of bricks at the level of the lintel, insert the Strongboy through the wall and then put it under tension using a screw prop such as an Acro. Repeat this along the length of the window and presto! Worked a treat.
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