standard window sizes & construction?

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My house is a 1948 wood-frame stucco house. I need to replace at least 4 dbl-hung wooden windows. They are about 29" wide (a preliminary measurement from the inside, without removing any molding or framing).

My worst fear(s) are
1) I will buy replacement windows and then they won't fit into the existing wood frames
2) I have to have expensive custom windows made.

Are there "standard sizes" that replacement windows come in? Is there any kind of "standard" or "typical" window construction that will give me a better idea of what to expect and how to proceed? What measurements should I take with me to the window store?

Thanks for any information that will make me feel less apprehensive about this project!
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Measure the bottom sash from left to pright and top to bottom. Take these measurements with you adn ask about the availability of sash packs. These are window sash and track replacements that fit the existing frame - not a full replacement window.

If the frames of the windows are in good shape, this is a reasonable alternative upgrade to full window replacement. BTW - your rough measurement sounds like a typical 2'6" window width, which is one of the standard widths.

When you go to the window store, the clerk there should be able to show you on a window exactly where to measure to assure a good fit.

Kolbe makes excellent replacement widows, including the sash pack type I mentioned.

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Window inserts or replacement windows are very easy to install, and you would be very happy with them. You do have a very valid concern about the correct size, and what if they do not fit. Having done over 200 of these windows, I will give you a very helpful hint, and it will also put your fears to rest. Do not measure your windows yourself. Go to your window company, or lumber yard, and have them measure them for you. Here is the reason. These windows will be made for your windows. This way they will fit perfectly. Now since these are special order, if there is a window size mistake, you cannot return them. If the company makes a mistake, they eat the windows not you. These windows will not cost your any more then normal.
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George -- it is very reassuring to know I seem to have standard sized windows! I didn't know that sash and track replacements existed -- that's good to know. Unfortunately my windows are literally falling apart so I need to replace the whole window. (The bottom wood piece on the upper window that holds the glass in is rotten, sagging and separating from the glass. Oddly, it is only these 4 windows in the entire house that are this bad.)

Jack, that is an excellent idea about having the window company measure. That way they eat mistakes not me.

If for some reason, say, my new windows are 3/4" shorter than the frame they go into, I'm assuming there are ways to shim them up and make them fit snugly.


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