Is this a truss system?

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Is this a truss system?

I have two questions involving skylight installation. The first concerns a truss roof. I am not certain I have a truss roof. My home was built in 1940 and uses 2x4 rafters 18" o.c. They are further reinforced halfway down the slope with a 2x4 running the length of the roof with supports angled down to the ceiling joists. I've tried to attach a jpg of the attic if that helps to explain it, but with max file size of 2 bytes, it may not work! My question is, is this a truss system?

If this is, I don't want to cut a rafter to install a skylight. So, my second question is, since I want to install a vented skylight, has anyone heard of a vented skylight that will fit between rafters that are 18" o.c.?

Thank you very much in advance for your information.
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Your pic didn't come thru.....TheWizofOz that runs this deal is afraid some yoyo might post a pic of their posterior, so HisWizness turned off handy features like that.....

Anyway, if it's a 1940 house, you probably don't have trusses, but rafters.....although it's possible it's a home built truss

Trusses you don't really want to cut, rafters you can and build a header to carry the weight of the cut rafter....though 2x4 rafters are NOT the best of construction to start with if you have any span on them to speak over 8'....

Email your pic and maybe I can tell you more.
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From your emailed pic to me:

Looks like rafters that a couple of places they have added some struts for support, but is still a rafter I said, not the best of construction, as looking at the span, they should be 2x6s or better....

But with the proper headering, you could cut out whatever you need to get a skylight in. This is probably a good case to get a good carpenter involved in rather than DYI though as there are some important structural issues going on here...

Good luck with your project !

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