Front door lock question

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Front door lock question


I have double doors and the lock that is on there know I would like to upgrade and but in a deadbolt.

Is there any special lock kits for double doors? Also is there reading info out there to help me install the locks? I just want to see how it is done before hand.

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Not saying they don't make them, but I've never seen a set just for double doors.....probably not enough double doors to justify the inventory costs of making/stocking something like that...

What I normally do is put a regular set on the "opening" door, and make a "dummy" set on the other door by not using the striker part of the other lockset.

I take it you do not have a deadbolt in the door now ?? Is this what you are wanting help with ?? Most locks come with pretty good instructions and a drilling template. What material is the door ? Wood, metal, fiberglass.....

Another note about deadbolt in double're NOT going to increase the security factor much....since the deadbolt is just going into the other door, and that door is normally held in place by a "foot" and "head" bolt built into the door that throw into the sill and head jamb, and these bolts often made of well placed #12 foot will still open both doors.

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