Sash window repair

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Olwen Sands
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Sash window repair

I have had three local firms in to mend windows. They are of the sash type and have metal spiral strips the length of the windows on each side. When the window is opened, the spiral does not rise with the window, it has freed itself from the inside top and remains hanging down. The window of course will not stay in the uo position.
On each occasion when supposedly repaired, the window did not have to be taken apart. Initially, these spiral strips were encased in a rubber type sheath which has either rotted or perished away. Since I presume these were actually cosmetic rather than essential, they were not renewed. It didn't seem to take much time when the repair men were working, about 20 minutes per window.
At this point I wish someone who knows how would come over to Nassau, because it seems beyond anyone local!!!!
Any ideas of where I could find instructions would be heaven-sent.
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Posts: n/a say you're had them out there 3 times.....

For the same window ? Did it work, then break again when they left ?

Or are different windows failing at different times ?

More info, please
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Hello Olwen!

Around here we call your type of windows "spring-lift sash."

Instead of having lead weights hanging on chains or ropes in side pockets to counter-balance the up and down movements of the sash your windows have spirals that act as spring balances.

They should be encased in a tube. The top ends of the spirals are suppossed to be attached with screws to the top of the jambs, and the bottom ends of the spirals are suppossed to be attached with screws to the bottom edge of the sash. The tension on the spiral can be adjusted if the windows don't stay open or are hard to close. This is usually done by a) removing the top screw b) holding the tube, c) turning the spiral (clockwise increases tension), and d) reattching the spiral with the screw.

It sounds to me like; a) the screws now being used will no longer hold your spiral and need to be replaced with a larger size, or b) the end of the spiral has broken off.

I sincerely hope that it's just that the screws are loose and fell out. Larger screws and some glue or epoxy might do the trick in this case.

There ARE replacement kits for your sash, (almost universal - just the sizes - lengths - vary) but they have become very difficult to find, and I do not know about the availabilty in your beautiful country. You may have to do an internet search and buy on-line.

Good luck!

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Most manufacturers sdeem to be moving away from the spiral balance type of lifting mechanisms and are going with the 'force balance' type. Granted, if you can find a spiral balance, you can fix iut fairly rapidly and inexpensively, but can you afford to just replace the window? Maybe go to Home Depot, pick up a comparable type (wood if you have wood, vinyl if you have vinyl) and have a contractor put it in.

Good luck.
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Donna Pallas
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Olwen Sands
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sash window repair

This is to thank everyone for seggestions. I will report back on the results.
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Olwen Sands
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Sash window repair

The report back re the problem with the sash windows, late but with my apologies for the lateness and with thanks to all. Problem solved by a new young local group who actually knew what they were doing.
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Spiral balances

C.R. Laurence has plenty of sash balances of all types including spiral balances.

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