Heard of Modern windows and doors?

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Heard of Modern windows and doors?

I've been getting estimates from guys here in town for replacement windows and I've seen Alside which has the shiny metal spacer between the panes and Thermal Windows which are aluminum.Yesterday a guy came to do an estimate and he had a sample window that was vinyl with a black rubbery spacer between the panes and he said that a manufacturer called Modern makes them. They are from Hot Springs, Arkansas. He had a paper that he was writing the prices down on for the estimate and at the end he tried to get us to sign a contract saying that we would buy from him only. We told him we couldn't do that. He packed his stuff up and wouldn't give us the estimate he wrote up. He asked us about three times to sign the contract. Isn't that "High Pressure" salesmanship? He's the only one that has done that to us.I've only heard the Modern name once before and it was the guy that showed us the Alside window. He said that Modern windows are in 65% of homes in the US. I can't find anything about them on the internet besides their phone number and address. That guy really turned me off to this window when that was the only one that I've seen with something other than shiny metal betwween the panes.
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I beilive that black rubbery product is called "swiggle". It is used to seal the glass panes together. Other companies use swiggle as well. It works, but may not last as long at the aluminum seal found in other windows.
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Wouldn't give you the price unless you signed the contract ? ahahahahahaha ..... that's a new one !

Yeah, that's high pressure sales at it's worst.....though when you ask for home improvement salemen to come to your house, wear your rubber boots, because you are gonna be knee deep in BS before it's over

Some of these guys will tell you ANYTHING to make a sale....take most of what they say with more than a few grains of salt.

I've never heard of "Modern" windows, it's probably some local outfit to your location.....I can dadgum guarantee you they AIN'T in 65% of homes in America. NOBODY has that kind of market share. NOBODY.

Before you talk to another one, go to BlockBuster and rent the movie "Tinmen" with Danny Devito......story about a couple of aluminum siding salesmen and the cons they pull......and then don't be suprised if the next sales guy ( the one with the Cadillac and all the gold rings/necklaces ) pulls some of the same baloney.

I know some of them that are so good, they can sell you your own furniture and you'll be smiling when they leave
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So Modern wants you to believe that they are "65%" of the homes in this country!!


The top 5 selling windows in the US COMBINED aren't in 65% of the homes!! (That is strictly a guess on my part, although I doubt that the top 10 COMBINED have that kind of a market share!!)

If the guy is lying to you about something like that, what else is he lying to you about??

Look elsewhere!
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I crossed him off my list right away. He acted so hurt when we wouldn't sign his contract like he was going to really be chewed out when he returned with no sale. I've got four more guys coming this week.
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Talking Having Fun???

I have just been through what you are going through.
I have a thread entitled "Replacement Window Comparisons" and last entered on 4-16-03. Take a read if interested.

Good to know you threw out the high pressure salesman.

I agree with Lefty. There are some top names of window manufacturers most people recognize, Anderson , Pella, etc. but there is not one entity with that much market share.

When it comes to replacement windows, especially vinyl replacement windows, there are literally a couple hundred manufacturers of them across the US.

Ok, for features you need to look for:
1. Personally, skip the black rubber spacer. Get the aluminum one that is flexible so it flexes with the window.
2. Ensure the window is 100% virgin vinyl (almost all are)
3. Double pane, with 3/4" between the panes.
4. Low E coating on both panes (different types of Low E coating)
5. Argon fill - I take it you are in the middle breadth of the country and are recommended to have both for Energy Star rating.
5a. Check the U rating of each with the Low E and Argon.
6. Foam-Filled frames - option if you want - opinions vary on this.
7. Full cam lock
8. Night safety latches
9. Seams welded together, not screwed
10. Ensure the movement mechanism is a constant force-balance system. The older style is a spiral balance. These wear out and all manufacturers are moving towards the former. It is basically a 1/2" thick, coil steel spring - looks like 1/2" wide steel rolled up.
11. Check the BBB rating of both the installer and manufacturer.
12. Get the warranty in writing up front to verify the details of coverage.
13. References, references, references!!!! Get many and call them.
14. Finally, and again, check both the manufacturers and installers credentials.

Good luck and take your time.
Let us know how it goes.
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I'd like to clarify a few things.

Swiggle is a "warm edge" butyl sealant that is very acceptable.

Intercept is a "warm edge" steel spacer that flexes with the glass during thermal cycling (heat expands the sealed glass cavity during the day and it contracts at night). Also very acceptable.

Aluminum spacer is "old tech" and not nearly as efficient or acceptable as either of the above systems.

Any "soft coat" Low E product on 1 (one) glass surface is very acceptable. In a decent vinyl window this will equate to a "solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) in the mid 30's and a "U" value in the mid 20's to mid 30''s. I live in Texas and this would be fine for this area.

Good Luck

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