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Our house is way too cold. Anyone out there have an idea for something that I can use to cover my windows and still be able to see out and at the same time cut our energy bills? Anyone?
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Hi again Dan
same Answer as in window and doors section, but with the secondry glazing you should leave a 2" gap between your original windows and the new internal windows, why, well it cuts down noise polution so gives you added sound proofing from the outside noise and the air gap between allows an air buffer between the two windows minimising heat loss from your room, it acts rather like double also allows you access for cleaning between the windows as and when it becomes nessesary..
again I hope that this helps you.. Handyman.
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What I'm about to tell you may floor ya, but listen up!

Your windows are the least of your cold air problem. Is your home correspondingly too hot in the summer? If so, you may want to conduct your own, or have a contractor, conduct an Energy Audit of your home.

What region of the country do you live in? This will determine your minimum R(heat RESISTANCE)-Value of the insulation you may need to beef up on. Also, the appropriate amount of insulation also requires the appropriate application of vaporbarriers(ei ther on one side of the insulation itself or spray on(unfinished attic floors, etc.

The way to attack your weatherability problem is 3-fold: Insulation -> Weatherstrip -> Doors n' Windows, in that order. The cost to properly insulate your home, or even to contract it out, will yield the greatest energy savings per dollar spent.

In the first portion, Insulation, you should attack the attic first. Next, and more expensive, but definitely worth it, are the walls. Foam or cellulose can be blown in here. You will definitely feel a difference in the indoor climate, and see a difference in your heating fuel consumption.

A "Home Depot" or other such shop can guide you through all your energy saving endeavors. Happy(toasty!) New Year, and let us know how you make out.
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