Winterizing windows/storm widow repair?

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foul h2o
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Question Winterizing windows/storm widow repair?

With winter only a few months away, I am wondering what I can do to help "winterize" my windows in my home. The windows are older and I can feel some drafts in the winter. I have storm windows on the outside(screen/sliding window), how and should I re-caulk them? What about weather stripping. Where should I apply it ect.?

Also, on my storm windows, allot of them the plastic pieces that hold them open are rounded or broken. Can I buy replacement parts for those?

I have some storm windows that the glass is broken, do I have to buy a whole new window/frame or can I buy replacement glass and install? Would it be cheaper to scrap some or all of the storm windows and replace with new?

Sorry about all the questions at once, this is the first time I've had to deal with this many storm windows at one time. Many of them are in bad shape but the frames appear to be good.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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foul h2o
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I did find this information here after some further searching.

Still, I'd like to know about replacement parts and glass on the storm windows. Also like to know how and where to put any weather stripping. I will continue to seach and post any results I find.
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Despite the praises sung by the author of the article you referenced, storm windows are dated technology. They were"ok" in their day, but new windows put 'em to shame energy wise.....And cleaning them compared to a tilt window is SUCH a chore......before I'd spend any on new storms, I'd look real serious at replacment windows.

But some parts are's one source. Call if you don't see it in the catalog.

Glass is availiable locally. If you sash is still together, you remove the rubber or vinyl keeper that holds the glass in, then put in a new pc and reinstall the keeper strips.

One thing I would NOT do I read in that article....caulk the storm on the bottom. As a window replacer, I've run into a LOT of rotted sills because the storm was caulked on the bottom and trapped rain water during the time the screen opening was open ( like spring thru fall ). The "weep" hole IS NOT enough drainage for a driving rain.
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foul h2o
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Thanks Andy!

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