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Prop Door


Need a little advice....

For an outdoor church service, pastor wants to have a door that folks can walk through. I've purchased an interior door in a pre-hung jamb, but now how do I construct this so that the door frame /jamb will stay solid when the door is open? There are no walls involved here, just the door. The site does not have any permanentr storage, so the door will need to be removed from its support and transported every time its used, so this needs to be simple, relatively light yet functinal. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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Hmm....what's the purpose of this door ? I mean, if no walls are involved, why the door ?
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Our's is not to question WHY...

How about this??

Make a couple of triangles (plywood, OSB, or similar) that extend 2' feet in each direction from the door jamb, and are about 3 feet high in the center. Attach the center of the triangle (high point) to the door jambs.

VOILA!! You have LEGS!!

(Andy, there's a pastor involved. You ask a simple question, and you are setting yourself up for a 2 hour sermon!! PLEASE don't take me there! ;-)))
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Now actually, mine is to ask why...

......I'm known as a Y'sGuy......hehehehehe

.........Directly desended from the Y's Men, but I've never rode no camel.....

Yeah, I guess I understand this is a stage prop sorta thing.....

Do what Lefty said unless you have a skyhook.
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stevec46: I've had some exposure to stage equipment. A few years back I replaced all the line sets and rigging at NYC's New Amsterdam Theater. lefty's suggestion is a very good one and should work fine; and if you use bolts and wing nuts the supports can be assembled and knocked down and transported very easily. In the theater they would call lefty's support a "corner block."

FYI: Having 10 shows a week and undergoing frequent handling the theater would however make a 'flat' for the door. A flat is a frame that resembles a 2X4 stud wall. It however is made of 5/4 material and usually covered with lauan or a popular cloth stage material. Flats are usually 4 feet wide, but many are narrower and sized just wide enough to accomodate a door.

The door flat could interlock with other flats containing windows, the flat could be independent and have 'corner blocks' - those supports as described by lefty, the flat could also have wheels on the corner blocks, and the flat could have hooks that attach to the line set battens which allows stagehands to raise or lower it.

No doubt lefty's suggestion will work, but a little extra support - perhaps some 5/4 framing will add strength and extend the life of the prop.

Local libraries often have 'backstage handbooks' that describe prop making, scenery and usually have good detailed sketches. Good luck.

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