new construction...interior door problem

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new construction...interior door problem

My house is 3 months old. 2 of the interior doors are rubbing on the top of the door to the frame. How do you fix this? shim the hinges or sand down the top of the door?

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their are a few reasons which can cause the door to rub on the top..
Best repair advice depends on the specific reason...

possible reasons,

incorrect installation.
settling in the house
improper door finish...(the door should be finish painted or stained/sealed on all six sides.) which helps prevent swelling.....

Possible Easyier Fixes:

A. first take a look at the gap from the door to the jam on the latch side. If thier is a wider space at the top than the bottom...

1. Drive a 3" screw through the middle hole of the bottom hinge...(bottom and middle if three hinges) If the screw reaches the stud, It may adjust the jam and align the door...(their is a potential side effect . the most common risk is the jam alignment will lean out of plum which might cause a door to swing in excess in one direction..
2. sand the top.....this will work however if you find the original problem is caused by a framing structual defect, the door appearance may not look good and/or fit correct if a framing repair is done.. (see 3)

3. pull the door and place it in a dry room for a few days, then seal the bottom and top......

4. remove material from behind the bottom hinge plate.

5 shim the top hinge which will shift the door away from the top jam.

6.. combo of 1-6.....

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