window replacement questions

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window replacement questions

We live in a 50 year old house. The windows are original (they are actually metal). Our home is not efficient, extremely cold in the winter. We have thought about replacing the windows in hope that would help. I have a few questions.

If you have replaced window, did it help significantly?

Secondly, a contractor suggested we use Don Young windows. He said they are a good value and will provide the sound barrier we need (we live close to the interstate). Any input on this brand?? Replacing windows is a big financial investment since we have 22 windows, so I want to make sure I make the right decision.

Thank you for any advice.

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"If you have replaced window, did it help significantly?"

I've put in something in the neighborhood of 8,000 to 10,000 windows. Yes, they've helped. Some customers comment on their energy savings -- in the range of 20% to as much as 50%. Other customers comment on the noise reduction -- "Don't let my wife hear this, or I'll be replacing my windows!!"

Don Young windows -- I have no clue. I've never heard of them. But that doesn't mean anything!! They are a local or regional window. That means they are only available where you are. I can spout off the brand name of 5 or 6 windows that nobody else has ever heard of. Doesn't make them good or bad -- just makes them local or regional.

Compare them to some of the "national" brands, like Certainteed, Alside, Simington, Andersen, Marvin, Pella, ...

How does the warranty stack up? How good is the company that makes that warranty? What's the NFRC ratings for these windows?

Virtually ANY window that is on the market today will be more efficient that what you have in your house now. ANY double pane window is going to reduce the noise.

Two words -- "Energy Star". If Don Young windows don't have that sticker, keep looking.

Learn how to read a NFRC sticker. (It's the equivalent of an MPG sticker that's in a car.) Pretty easy, really. There are 3 numbers -- the U-factor, the SHGC, and visible light transmittance.

U-factor -- How much heat is lost through the window? This is a winter thing. The lower the number, the less heat loss, the better.

SHGC -- How much heat is GAINED through the window? This is a summer thing. The lower the number, the less heat gained, the better.

Visible light -- How much will the window pass? The HIGHER the number, the better.

What you are looking for is windows with a U-factor and a SHGC in the range of .30 to .35 or so, and a visible light number of at least .55. Go from there.
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thank you Lefty

You gave me some very valuable info and I am really confused! I went to the Don young web page to see how the numbers compare, and they are a little off. Ao, we need to rethink. We orignally talked to Pella, but the price is high. I have a brother in law who replaced all of his Peachtree windows with Pella and he does not think it was worth the price.

We live in a raised double brick house with wood floors and very thin windows. I give the above description because all the above lead to a very cold house. Our house is extremely well built and we really love it. So, our goal is to have a house where we dont have to go outside to warm up!!!

I would like to find a brand of windows that are efficient, but affordable. I will update on my progress. Thank you once again for you quick and knowledgable reply!

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I've done quite a few window replacements and have two more jobs coming up in the spring. No question in my mind about the value of going to double paned, low-e windows. Heating and cooling costs go down significantly and noise levels drop as well.

I've been using Viking brand windows from Home Depot. They're made by Pella and the prices are reasonable.

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