Life time warranties?

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Life time warranties?

Iv read most of the topics here & noticed amerimax & epi are mentioned allot by lefty. Unfortunately I cant get those in the iowa city area. Wenco is available.

I plan on retiring in my home (im 38)so Im looking for J channel windows covered by a warranty which will out last me. But also a company who will be around that long also.

Any recommondations?
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In todays world, not much is guaranteed. In another 50 years who knows. Lifetime warranties are good only as is the company that provides them. Wenco has been around sionce 1962. They as well as others put lifetime warranties into their contracts. Which one to go with isn't so much as to what is close to you but what they provide. You have to read contracts and determine who provides the best in repair, material and labor costs covered.

Best to do a wb search and check out the various brands. You work is cut out for you and be prepared to spend some bucks.

Good luck!
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Windows come in 2 kinds. There are the national brands -- Simington, Certainteed, Marvin, Pella, etc., etc., etc. And there are the regional brands -- EPI, Amerimax, Great Lakes, etc., etc., etc.

Like Doug said about warranties -- they are only as good as the company that backs them.

The AGE of the company is a big clue. Wenco has been around for over 40 years -- Jeld Wen has been around for well over 100 years. They must be doing something right!

"Lifetime" warranties -- I've no clue what that means. WHO'S "lifetime"?? The window's lifetime?? "Well, it lasted as long as it lasted, then it died a death" 'Sorry, it's lifetime expired'!!!

Warranty work goes either way. Andersen will stand behind their 70 or 100 year old windows, no problem. They look at it as good advertising. (Gee -- we just replaced a part on a 90 year old window and didn't bat an eye -- aren't we good!!) Yes, they are. From my experience, EPI and Amerimax are just as good about warranty work. "If anything goes wrong, we'll fix it!!" They each have about a 25 or 30 year track record, but so far, (at least from what I have seen), that record is perfect!

There have to be window companies around the Great Lakes region that are just as good.


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