window sill replacement

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window sill replacement

I have a window sill that is hopelessly cracked, deep-gauged etc. Must be replaced. Where can I get a piece pre fab or able to be cut to size? The present sill is 52 in long by 3 in wide, 1 in thick, edges are bevelled. Local "they are sure to have it " lumber yard shook their head and were not helpful.
Thanks for any hehlp,
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check with a local window supplier if he can order one.
if not might need to replace all the window frame. for the sill is part of it.


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Hi, couple of choices here I think. sometimes what we think is hopelessly gone can be repaired. Unless it is really rotted to the point that it is falling apart on its own it will need replacement. If it is only cracked with out large chips falling out and just really weathered looking then I believe it can be repaired. The same BONDO material that we use to repair dents on cars can be mixed and spread deep into the cracks (sometimes more that one application is needed) and then sanded and repainted. Do this in dry weather and at least 60 degrees so that it will cure properly. Otherwise if replacement is the answer, I would first make a cardboard template over the existing sill. then proceed to cut out the bad sill in a couple or three sections instead of trying to cut it out all in one section. Bring the template and apice of the bevel edge to a lumber yard that has a milling dept. and they would be glad to fix you up. Under the bevel do not be surprised if they run a shallow groove so that when water runs over your sill in the future it will drip to the ground before it comes in contact with your house. When you reinstall i would suggest a good bead of silicone caulking and then nailing, set the nails, and use a bit of filler and repaint. This can all be done in relatively short time (couple of hours) even tho it sounds like a lot. Hope it helped.
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Look in your local Home Depot or Lowes (or whichever is your home store of choice) for a window stool. Look in the area where they have window frame material, floor saddles, etc. You should be able to find what you're looking for.

Removing your stool might not be too easy, though. Check back in when you find what you need if you need more help.

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