Move knob from right to left?

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Move knob from right to left?

The gist of my question is this- can I change a doorframe from a knob on the right side to a knob on the left side?
One of the charming quirks about old houses, my light switch is located behind my door. Since the walls are plaster, I'd rather switch the door than move the light switch. I have a core door, will replace with the original I found in attic (once I measure and make sure it will work). I still want the door to swing into the room, but I want to change the knob from the right side to the left side.
Here's what I'm thinking. Remove the horrible core door. Fill in, sand, stain, etc. the holes left by the hinges on the left and the latch opening area on the right side of the frame. I'm not as concerned with appearance of the right side because the door will hide it part of the time.
Measure, cut out and install new hinges on frame. Measure and cut out hole for latch and strike plate (is that what it is called?). If I am able to use the original door, the hinges and strike plate already on the door will drive the placement on the frame. Otherwise, I will get another solid door.
I know the trim is original to house and I am not removing it, can't tell exactly if frame itself is original, but it looks that way. Same stain and weathering as the trim.
I want to keep as much as possible of the character. Is my scheme feasible? If it isn't and I do it anyway, what will the consequences be?
Thanks in advance for the advice.
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Seems to me it would be much faster, and probably cheaper, to simply replace the existing door and jamb with a pre-hung door that swings in the direction that you want it to. It would certainly result in a much better looking finished project!
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The method you are proposing is correct and retaing the house as close to original is a good thing.

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