Pella, Anderson, Marvin....what to choose!

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Pella, Anderson, Marvin....what to choose!

There are too many options out there. This is new construction and I just can't seem to come to any decisions!

What is best?

What is cheapest?

I need help for windows and French Doors. Anderson and Pella are toooooo expensive, we are thinking of the Home Depot special for $800.

Any input?
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Andersen, Marvin, Pella ... You are looking at the Rolls Royces of doors and windows -- right up there with Sierra Pacific.

If you aren't into, or can't afford the Rolls Royces, step down to a Cadillac or high end Buick -- There are thousands of them out there, like EPI, Amerimax, ...

But I would stay away from the end stuff at HD or Lowes on something as important as the doors and windows in a new home. You are talking an investment of at least $1/4 mill -- and you think you'll be happy with a $800 french door?? There are corners that can be cut, but THAT certainly isn't one of them!!
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My sister just installed Wellington windows. They are really nice, but they aren't cheap either. They have a lifetime warranty as long as you own the house, and if you sell, the warranty transfers for 20 years to the new buyer. I sell real estate and see a lot of garbage, i.e. seals broken, etc. Another nice thing is that this company has their own contractors which do the installaton. They do not subcontract, so if something goes wrong you deal directly with them.

My dad was a builder and always installed Pella. You can't go wrong, but if the price is too high, check out Wellington.

Good luck with your choice.
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lower level pella and anderson

Both PElla and Aderson (MArvin too, but i don't know much about them) make fine windows and have a good reputation. But, as the guy said, there are many many other options. This is competition. Part of what you pay for pella or anderson is TV advertizing. That doesn't keep you warm in winter!

To compete with all the competition, both pella and anderson have a lower line. Pella - Proline and Anderson 200. Many a builder will use these and proudly advertise the fact that they have pella or anderson. Unfortunately, the only way to lower the price of a window is to offer less of a window. less frame, less sash size, less something. That's the reason you can't buy a Mercedes for a chevy price.

There are three specifications you can use to compare windows regardless of make. The first is "U" this is a rating of the entire window, not just the "R" which is mainly the glass. The next is the solar heat/gain. Simply, it measures how much sun transmitted heat will pass through the window. On a reasonable efficient window, these shoould be in the low 30s. higher numbers are worse. breaking into the high 20s, means a really good window performance. solar heat/gain in the low 30s is also good. By the way, these numbers are for low e glass. don't even think of cheaping out with plain IG (insulated glass). low e is a combination of argon gas inside the sealed glass and a coating to reflect UV rays.

The last specification is somewhat less common. It is the DP rating. DP means design pressure. It's important if you are in florida and have big winds named for girls and boys. simply put DP is a combination rating of air, water and temperature infiltration. If you are somewhere else in the county, it's not a big deal, but it does tell you how the window is build.

lastly, someone else said a poorly installed great window is worse than a well installed cheap window. be very carefull who does the installations. if the contractor has his framing crew do the window, you might be wary. windows must my level, plumb and shimmed tightly at the proper locations to operate correctly and provide the performance you want.

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