raise entry door

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raise entry door

I am undertaking a project to level a sloped floor in my daughters house. Room was formerly a porch, enclosed by previous owner, but they never leveled the floor, which pitches about 4 inches over 10 feet.. The main exterior entry door is in this room and will have to come up about 2 inches to clear new floor. Door is steel, so I don't want to cut it. The header is high enough to permit raising jam -space between top of jam and bottom of header just has a filler. The door is a combo unit with a single side window. (on opposite side prev. owner added a "matching" side window) My question is, can I cut the jam away from the side window and raise just the door? Reason I want to leave the side window in place is that the two somewhat match, and the exterior has old aluminum siding that I'd rather not mess with.
I was hoping to raise the whole jam, but if I cant I'll just raise the top and move the hinges up higher. Any advice? Thanks. Bob
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I don't think the 2" difference would create any great aesthetic issues. I know the pre-hung doors with the double side light systems are all so perfect when you see them had home improvement centers. But in older homes, most of us have learned to fudge a little on aesthetics in order to make DIY projects easier.

Tearing into older aluminum siding is not something you want to do. It is expensive & complicated for a DIYer even if lucky enough to find an exact match. The new aluminum siding & trim will still not match even if exact color due to age and oxidation.

This is, of course, my personal opinion. I don't think if I walked up to the door and the sidelights were 2" lower than the door threshold that I would even notice unless you pointed it out. Any discrepancies in heights can be camouflaged with trim/molding.

I once lived in a house that had a closed in porch back room. I had a contractor level floors & install bathroom & mudroom after shimming floors to level. On the interior you could never tell it was an addition. Back door was raised to accommodate new floor height. Ceiling was lower than standard 8' feet, but unless you knew anything about building, you would never know & I never pointed it out that I lost 2 inches.

Of course, you might get some conflicting personal opinions from other experts here, but I really think if you are clever you can camouflage descrepancies in heights of sidelights & entry with your trim.

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