2nd window in bathroom


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2nd window in bathroom

hello. i'm remodeling my bathroom. it had 1 35 x 52 double hung window that was in an awkward location (very close to the toilet) and it was just too big for the room.

so, i put in a smaller window (26 x 37 or so) to fit the space better, but now there is (obviously) less natural light coming in. i was thinking if I placed a narrow 2nd window next to the new window with frosted glass (or something similar) i'd get more light, but keep privacy. it would go in the red box in this picture: http://brianhava.brinkster.net/home/bath_window.jpg

i wouldn't need this second window to open, because the new one already does.

any thoughts on this? is it a bad idea? any advice on where to order such a window. (the space is about 8" wide by 3' high).

if i was doing it again, I would have had a custom ordered window that was the same height as the new window, but wider, but live and learn I guess.
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My first impression... bad idea. If you get some sort of custom sized vinyl picture window (so that it doesn't look goofy next to the other window) I don't even think they will make them that narrow, and even if they did, it would all be frame, with hardly any glass.

You might be able to get a premade glass block window (like hy-lite http://www.hy-lite.com/ ) but that would also look strange next to your double hung, unless you did it on both sides to match, and then it would still look goofy. But if you like the idea, that's all that matters.

I think that changing from a large window to a smaller window is probably quite a noticable difference in natural light, but you might also get used to it eventually. I did the same thing in my office, changing a 29 x 69 3/4 window to a small 18 x 30 window. I had to do it for wall space, but it sure cut down the lighting. I hated it at first, but now I'm used to it. I just turn on the light more often than I used to.
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thanks for the insight, XSleeper. i bounced it off a couple others, and they thought it would look wierd as well, and the more i think about it, the more i agree.

thanks again.

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