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3-Panel Vinyl Patio Door - Need help for changes planned

3-Panel Vinyl Patio Door - Need help for changes planned


Old 08-12-05, 12:17 PM
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3-Panel Vinyl Patio Door - Need help for changes planned

Hi all,

We recently moved to a townhouse that has a 3-panel vinyl patio door. The two panels on the side are fixed and the middle one acts as the patio door.

I would like to move the movable patio door to one side and have two fixed panels on the other side. I have to do this since my sofa is obstructing the door through which I can go to the patio.

I am not sure the vinyl door manufacturer as I did not get the details of it and I could not find any markings on the doors/channels that gave me an indication of the manufacturer. The company that installed the door is out-of-business. The door was installed 4-5 years ago.

It appears from the visual observation that the door can be swapped with one of the fixed panels.

As I don't know the manufacturer, I am not worried about the warranty.

I would like to get suggestions as to how to go about doing it and what kind of expense would be involved.

Thanks in advance for the same.
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Old 08-14-05, 10:45 PM
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Without close examination, it is impossible to determine whether swapping is achievable.
You need a professional to check out the possibilities.
Old 09-23-05, 12:23 AM
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I wouldn't recommend it, as most vinyl manufacturers don't make three panel patio doors for a reason...they don't work extremely well! Usually tow's the max. If you want a three panel, spend the extra bucks and get a primed/clad unit.
Old 09-23-05, 02:56 PM
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I may be reading this wrong, but sounds like he already has a 3 panel variety, and just wants to swap the place of the door and one of the fixed pieces.

Doesn't sound like much of an issue to me. Depends on your make/model/mfg if its possible or not.

Start by checking to see if the slider pops right out.
Open the door partially, hold on both sides and lift up. It should lift far enough that the bottom can swing out. Angle it a bit and set the door aside.

Now figure out how to move your 'fixed' pieces. Screws somewhere through the door into the frame is a good bet. Unscrew, move, screw in. Put door into new opening.

Remove latch hardware, and reattach if required.

Shouldn't cost anything more than 15 minutes of your time.
Old 09-23-05, 08:34 PM
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[QUOTE=Cerestes]I may be reading this wrong, but sounds like he already has a 3 panel variety, and just wants to swap the place of the door and one of the fixed pieces.

Good catch! I am still curious to see if it is an actual three panel or a two panel with a seperate fixed panel mulled to it.
Old 09-24-05, 05:46 AM
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I've installed several 3 panel vinyl doors so its not a question of whether they exist. Its impossible to tell him if it can be changed without looking at the doors in person.

Usually center operating doors come with a mullion kit that enables you to latch and lock the door in the middle. The fixed panels are on the outside track, while the operating panel is on the inside track and slides past the fixed panels either to the left or the right. Since he wants to make the operating panel on one end, it will have to slide to the center which means changing the location of both of the other fixed panels. The first fixed panel would be inside, the next fixed panel would be outside (and they would have to interlock together) while the operating panel would be inside. (and would interlock with the center fixed panel when it comes closed.)

Since the original question is 1 1/2 months old and the original poster didn't write back, I wouldn't hold my breath for a reply.

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