Bedroom door always swings open

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Bedroom door always swings open

I am replacing the bedroom doors and am wondering about one of them. This particular door will not stay in any position that you leave it. It always swings open. Even when I close it completely it swings back slightly away from the jam.

I don't want the new door to do the same thing so can some tell me exactly why a door would do this? Is it out of level, if so which way would cause the door to swing open, all the time?

Could it be the hinges are not set right?

Any help appreciated
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The wall is probably out of plumb. The top of the door is probably leaning back, which is why the door falls open that direction. If the wall was leaning out... the door would go shut on its own. The best way to tell for sure is to put a 6ft level on the wall. When you install your doors, you'll want to plumb the doors as you install them. If your walls are out of plumb, this will mean your door jambs will not be flush with the wall, which makes them a little more difficult to trim, but not impossible. If you can, it's nice to keep the head of the window flush with the wall (or only do minor adjusting on top) and do most of your "plumbing" on the bottom legs of the jamb. It's much easier to get your miters to fit nicely when the jamb is flush with the wall.
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Hello: Dig

If the walls and/or door jam are not too far out of plumb...loose the top hinge and insert a coin behind the door hinge, between hinge plate and door jam, and tighten in the hinge screws.

If you use a coin as a wedge, may need a penny...dime..and/or nickel. Or any combination of coins, etc.

Use the coin(s) that makes the best correction to allow door to remain open. Trial and error will determine which coin (# of coins) thickness works best.... ......

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