are storm doors DIY?

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are storm doors DIY?

Some time ago, I priced storm doors at Home Depot, and was told that installation was available for $129; when I said "no thanks", the guy said "it's a good deal when you consider that it will take 2-3 hours". So far, that's been enough to keep me from tackling it. But my situation can't be THAT difficult; there's a stock 32" storm door installed now, but I want it to swing the other way. The door I have is not reversible, so that's why I'm looking at a new door. Won't the fact that storm door has already been installed (and therefore we know it fit) make this easier?
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Yes, it's very easy to do, especially since you already have one on there which means the opening shouldn't need to be resized. A novice could do it in 2-3 hours. Someone who does it frequently and doesn't need to read the instructions would probably have it done in 30 minutes. The other 2 hours would be the drive there and back, plus a stop at the donut shop.

The only tricky thing might be if your door frame is racked, the door might not seal properly when it comes shut. If the door seems to stick out a little bit at the top or bottom when the door is shut, it usually indicates that the door is not plumb on the sides, and you might need to add a shim or two behind the face of the hinge side z-bar either at the top or bottom (depending on which way it's racked), or shim behind the latch side z-bar, or both. That's not something that would be mentioned in your instructions so I thought I'd mention it in case that's something you run into.
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The way I see it - you'll spend 2 hours installing the door - and one hour spending the $129 on a new cordless drill combo. That way, you can spend only 1 hour installing the next one.
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Storm Door

Installation instructions will be included with the door.
A cordless drill will speed the process.

Basic steps are:

1. Attach the hinge side of the frame to the door by attaching the hinges to the edge of the door.
2. Cut the bottom off of the hinge side of the frame to fit the opening.
3. Hang the door by fastening the hinge side of the frame and door to the brick mold.
4. Install the top section of the frame.
5. Cut the bottom end and install the latch side of the frame.
6. Install the latch and closer.
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You can do it; but, you probably cannot do it without some aggravation. Anytime you put something together and install it things happen. Screws fall somewhere and you can't find them, you put the door in backwards (I did this myself not long ago), etc., etc. But, go for it. You'll learn, and you'll be able to do the next one easier. Plus, if you run into problems you can put them here and folks will help.

One thing, take your time and read the instructions until you REALLY understand them. I suggest that the first thing you do when you get the door home is to find the instructions and put them somewhere so you'll read them several times before you actually start the installation (like wait a day or two before you actually do the work). It sure makes the job easier and quicker (i.e., more satisfying) when you do it this way.

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