Electric Andersen Windows Stuck Open ..


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Electric Andersen Windows Stuck Open ..

I have a set of Andersen awning windows with electric openers .. and after a recent electical storm the controller ceased functioning. I believe it to be the controller because all 3 windows exhibit the same problem. When I try to close the windows, the motor for the first window hums for a fraction of a second, then the controller moves on to the next window, and the next, each in turn.
I cannot get to the windows physically to use the manual crank - and I need to close the windows before the next rain storm. Does anyone have a schematic diagram of the window motor system? I am thinking I can use an external power supply to run the windows closed, but I do not know the voltage, or the cable pinout. I assume they are DC motors and that polarity governs open/close. The controller and motors were a set used in new construction in 2004.
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Dont know if this will help but I'm sure you can contact Andersen.

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Thank you johnam. I have already contacted Andersen. I have only been able to reach folk that read to me from the "troubleshooting" section of the installation manual.

Since I posted the question, I have discovered that the controller tries to open the windows, even when I select "close." That leads me to think that the "screen safety" circuit in the controller got fried so that it is always trying to open rather than potentially trap an arm.

Anyway, I have ordered a new controller. The windows are now closed via ladders and someone not troubled by heights.
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Red face

Thank you for posting this. I have the exact same issue...my window will not close. Since my awning window is 34 feet up, in a cupola, I have to get scaffolding, then take a step ladder to get up to the closer.
So, I ordered a new closer (because I just assumed that was the problem), only to find out today that this is not the issue. After many tests, and when I lifted the manual handle, seeing that the closer was only turning clockwise, I figured that it was an issue with the power supply...I just didn't know why it was doing this.
With your post here, I am now armed with info and will quickly order a new power supply. It took me over two hours to assemble that scaffolding, and I really don't want to tear it down only to put it back up two weeks from now. You know, Andersen is not real quick getting parts out!! Praying someone, somewhere has that power supply and can send overnight.
Thanks again!!
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Bert, Welcome to the forums! Really glad one of our older posts was able to help with your problem. Yeah, scaffolding is a real PITA to build up and take down. Let us know how it goes and come on back and visit other parts of the forums for good information, or to help out where you can.
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I have 4 of these with andersen roof windows. Last night, 2 were slightly open. We had a heavy rain and they did not close. I pressed "close" and went back to sleep. My son came in later to tell me rain was coming in. All 4 were wide open.

I tried closing them, but I could tell that they were trying to open instead, cycling from 1-4 momentarily. I performed the reset procedure, but nothing worked.

I doubt that this is a power supply issue because all 4 opened and I can hear the relays and motors attempt to move the windows. I suspect it is the control keypad sending "open" instead of "close", or something in the box with the relays that distributes the power to the windows and obtains signals from the rain sensors and control keypad.

I will try speaking with a tech at andersen to figure this out. Since there are 2 other people with this issue here, this is surely something they are aware of.

Addendum... come to think of it, if he rain sensors OPENED the windows instead of closing them, then this would explain everything. Could something be reversed in the control unit???
When any one of them detects rain, it closes all windows. In this case, it OPENS them... I will discuss with andersen...
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More Andersen electric windows that will only open

I also have Andersen electric window openers that no matter what button you hit will only open. They opened by themselves from a completely closed position during a hurricane level storm, doing a lot of damage. I think a little water must have activated the moisture sensor which opened rather than closed the windows. I have replaced the motors, the brackets opening the windows and still have this problem.

People are suggesting replacing the power source, but no-one says if this has been successful. Would appreciate more feedback.

Incidentally, technical support from Andersen as to why this is happening seems to be unavailable. They just read of their trouble shooting guide.


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