New doors - wish I hadn't done it

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Unhappy New doors - wish I hadn't done it

This is the question: Will I have to buy a new exterior door and storm door to correct the problem?

I recently bought a new exterior steel door and new storm door--trying to weatherproof my nome---I had it installed-----now the problems I never had with the old door: when it rains it flows, not drips, flows in between the storm door and the new steel door, I can't open the door, rain will come in the house, the vinyl edging on the outside, is broken and pulled completely away from the door which the gaps are anywhere from 1/4 in to 1 inch, I have to lift the steel door to lock my door, sill is bowed and I can see a gap between house and sill, can see daylight between frame and new steel door and this was what I wanted to get away from!!! An all around bad job in my opinion!!! I can't do the work myself but I know bad work when I see it. Can't get anyone to remove doors and reset. One guy said I may have to reside my house to get it fixed!!!!! What are my options, please, before winter. Can't trust local people with the answers, I've tried. This was not cheap to replace to say the least---hate to think I have to pay double to correct problem!!!
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No, if the door and storm door are new, I doubt you will need to buy another new door and storm door to replace it.

It sounds to me like whoever did your work did not know what he was doing. If you have already paid, and the original company will not come back to fix the problem, you can hire someone else to do the work of removing the doors, fixing all the problems, and reinstalling the doors again.

Not sure if it would be worth the trouble to take the guy to small claims court or not... that's your call.

I would expect that the labor to uninstall and reinstall both doors would probably be around $300 for a good day's work.
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Is there an overhang over the front door or is it exposed to direct rainfall? Look over the door to see if there is a piece of aluminum sticking out about a quarter of an inch or more. Do you have vinyl siding or other? I think, likewise, you can have the job done properly with proper flashing and alleviate your water problem. Of course, building an overhang does wonders, too.
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Both of the above have this on nailed, so to speak. The installer did not properly flash around the top, and likely, not the sides or bottom of the door. If they will not come back and do it right, you could call a lawyer, or get references from friends, neighbors, etc., for people that know how to do it correctly. The latter is likely less expensive.
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If there is a chance you want to seek a legal solution, make some good, clear pictures of the mess you have now which shows all the problems you have stated. Do this before you have the work re-done. Good luck.
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I have vinyl siding. I have had two other people look to see at how it can be fixed, but they don't seem to want to do the work. No there is no aluminum anywhere. This really makes my back entrance look terrible!!! I mean it is that bad!! You would say, "OMG, who did that!!!"

Question: With the doors out, wouldn't the damage to the vinyl molding be able to be fixed and if it can be fixed why didn't the "expert" do it while the door was out?

I paid $350 for the job which breaks down to $43.75 per hour---so I was willing to pay---the crew was highly recommended-----lever door handles were also put upside down---I have to pull up on them to get out----deadbolt is upside down----geesh, boy did I get taken!!! I guess they saw a stupid widowed woman coming again!!!

Thanks to you all for your replies, you have helped me very much!!! I know I am not crazy, I know I don't have to replace my siding to get my doors fixed, and I know the doors can be pulled and rehung without buying brand new doors again.

Wirepuller, I will take pictures regardless!! Thank for reminding me!!

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