window glazing gone wrong?

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window glazing gone wrong?

We recently had someone re-glaze our old windows. We had many problems and need some advice/answers.

1. They scraped off most loose glaze (although very poorly)
2. They spot glazed with hard/old putty (DAP33) that was separated in the can
3. Painted with latex primer right after they put the glaze on (no drying time)
4. Painted with exterior paint right after that
5. scraped excess paint off window panes (scratching glass and nicking glaze)

They also dripped paint and stomped glaze into our asphalt shingles.
When I told him about the roof, he said he would powerwash it off... BUT wouldn't that shoot the asphalt off the shingles, ruining them?

Aesthetically, I feel they did a very sloppy and careless job, but I'm concerned with the DURABILITY of the job at this point. They told me not to expect perfection, but I was at least expecting them to follow standard procedure.... ex. remove ALL loose glaze, use pliable putty, oil-based primer, etc... The paint over the glaze cracked within a week, I'm guessing because the glaze hadn't had any drying time.

We want them to re-paint over the cracking paint. They said that we're being too picky...

Should we be concerned or is what they did and how they did it OK?
Do you think we need to get someone else in to redo the glaze job?
Will their half-arsed job hold up?

Thanks in Advance ;-)
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DAP glazing specifies a 'curing' period of 7-14 days (depending on ambient temperature) before painting. They suggest an oil based exterior paint or an exterior oil based primer top coated with an exterior latex paint.

The above taken from the directions printed on a container of DAP #33 glazing compound

It is my opinion that you have been taken...

What you decide to do from here is up to you.
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I hate to hear you got such a bum job. I preffer to use SWP's 66 glazing - it isn't as oily as DAP and seems to last longer in the can. It isn't uncommon for DAP glazing to need to be mixed up and old cans will need a few drops of thinner to get it in a workable condition.

IMO the correct way to glaze is to first scrape, then oil prime any raw wood, glaze when dry. I have occasionally used latex primer over glazing with no problems but never primed the same day. I prefer to wait several days but that isn't always an option.

Glazing [or paint] on the shingles is unacceptable. I wouldn't pressure wash as it WILL shorten the life of the shingle.

While the glass will need cleaning after glazing, a good painter shouldn't need to have any paint scraped off of the glass! A handy rag will wipe off any stray drops while wet.

Did they have any references before you hired them? I'm sure they won't get a good reference from you! I don't know that I'd want them back on my job. Have they already been paid in full?

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