Interior Door swings closed

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Interior Door swings closed

The door to one of my bedrooms always slowly closes. Even if you open it up all the way, it will slowly close. This is your standard door - no funky hinges or anything. Is there a trick that someone knows so the door can stay open? I hate having to push the door open every time I go into the room.

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When doors like to swing shut, it usually indicates that they have been installed in a wall that is not vertically plumb. The top of the wall likely leans out, and as a result, the door always wants to swing shut.

Apart from taking off all the trim, removing, reinstalling the door plumb, and retrimming the door, there isn't much you can do.

Only trick that I know of is to remove the hinge pins, and take a vise-grips and slightly (barely) crush the barrel of the hinge in 2 or 3 places. When you replace the hinge pins, they will be very tight and you'll have to hammer them back into place. This will usually provide enough friction so that the door will not want to swing shut.

Try it on the barrels of one hinge first, if it's not enough try it on 2 or more.
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You can also distort the hinge pins slightly. Pull a hinge pin, lay it on a scrap board and whack it in the middle with a hammer. Just don't bend them so much you can't get them back in.
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Before I would try disfiquring any part of the hinge.
Get out a level put it against the verticle, latch side of the door. Swing the door to differant positons and see if it is out of plumb. If so, you can loosen up the the hinge or hinges enough to slide some coins between the hinge and the frame. See if that helps. I just did 2 doors on a new construction home, and it worked like a charm.
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Why not put a door stopper under the door. It would be the easiest solution.

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