Sliding glass door adjustment

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Sliding glass door adjustment

How do I adjust the door so it will slide smoothly?
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First off, you would need to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the rollers. On older doors, the bearings wear out and need to be replaced if the rollers don't spin freely. Secondly, the track that the rollers slide on must be clean. Sometimes years and years of dirt will completely mess up the track and prevent the door from sliding. It's also hard on the rollers. So you might want to remove the sliding panel so as to 1). clean the track and 2). examine the rollers.

As you do, you will be able to see how the rollers adjust. For some, they have a height adjustment screw on the side. Others have an adjustment that is perpendicular to the rollers and is accessed through a hole (sometimes a plug cover covers the hole).

One you reinstall the door (making sure you have the rollers centered on the track), you would want to first lower the door completely and start your adjustment from zero. Raise the door approximately 1/4" then check to see how it slides. You will also want to bring the door to a position where it is almost closed, and observe the "reveal" of light that passes between the sliding panel and the jamb. This reveal should be straight. If it is not, you can adjust the rollers up or down slightly as needed to make it straight.

After this, you may need to adjust the latch so that it closes and locks properly. Changing the rollers affects the way the door contacts the latch.
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Welcome to and the Door & Window forum.

Everything that XSleeper said, plus look at the guide in the center of the threshold and check it for wear.

If you find that the rollers are shot (which there's a better than even chance that they are), take one out and go to a glass shop to get an exact match. (Doesn't matter which one -- both roller assemblies will be the same.) But there are literally thousands of possiblities, and you won't find more than 3 or 4 of those in stock at a big box store. Don't waste your time there.

If the center guide is worn, ask for a snap cap. That's a length of U shaped steel that you will snap onto the top of the guide, with the help of a rubber mallet or a piece of 1X2.

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