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installing replacement glass in single hung vinyl window

installing replacement glass in single hung vinyl window

Old 04-01-08, 12:30 PM
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installing replacement glass in single hung vinyl window

I friend has single-hung vinyl windows (hope I;m describing this correctly...only the bottom glass slides and tilts, the top half is fixed).

The top half is fogged and she has the replcement glass.

What is the procedure to remove the fogged top half and install the replacement?

Anybody have experience with this?


Old 04-01-08, 12:46 PM
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In order to remove the glass, you need to first remove a glazing stop that surrounds the glass. Depending on how the window was made, it may be on the inside of the window, or it may be on the outside. On vinyl replacement windows, it is usually on the inside and is easily identified, because there is a groove where this glazing stop ends and the rest of the sash begins. They are usually about 5/8" wide. A sharp chisel or putty knife and hammer are needed to pop the glazing strip out of it's groove. Care must be taken so that you don't damage the strips as you remove them, because you have to reuse them again and you also don't want to scuff them up or they will look bad forever.

Once the 4 pieces of glazing stop are removed, you need to get the glass out. Most often, 2 faced glazing tape is used to stick the glass to the window frame. If you don't have new glazing tape to replace this glass, don't remove the glass! You'll want new glazing tape, usually 1/16 x 1/2 is a pretty standard size used. A glass shop might be willing to sell you some if you tell them what you're doing.

To remove the old glass, you need a special deglazing tool. Again, you could ask a glass shop to borrow or buy the tool you need. If a tool can't be located, yoiu may be able to make something that would work by bending a table knife, thin putty knife, or pizza cutter so that you have something to cut the glazing tape with. The tool is usually worked around the outside of the glass by sliding the knife around the perimeter of the frame until the glazing tape has all been cut. (if the glazing stops were on the inside of the window, you do this on the OUTSIDE of the window) This will free up the insulating glass unit (IGU) so that it will come out.

It's very important that the new IGU be exactly the right size, so before you go to all the trouble of removing the old one, measure the new one and make sure they are the same.

It's also important that the permeter of the IGU be shimmed to the frame with rubber setting blocks, so if there are some around the old IGU, save them and reuse them.

The old glazing tape must be cleaned off before the new tape can be applied. There's a trick to putting the new glass in, but this post is getting long and I'm not sure this is a DIY in the first place. but if you're still interested in trying after reading all this, by all means let us know and we'll continue to provide guidance as needed.
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For removing the glass I always used the "pizza cutter" (not an actual pizza cutter but a deglazing tool that looks similar to a pizza cutter hence the nickname) until a wise old man showed me how a 1.5" flexible putty knife to slide between the extrusion and the glass, or sometimes a utility knife like this one


Extend the blade out farther and it should flex flat. They are cheaper and thinner than the pizza cutter.

We also almost always wet glazed our units with clear silicone, seals better than the two faced tape. IMO

But as XSleeper said, MEASURE FIRST!!!! Because if you've never done it before, there's a good chance your going to break it. Good Luck.

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