Water coming in from Interior window

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Water coming in from Interior window

I recently bought a new home and I am having problems with water comming in between the window and the interior trim on very hard rains. My eaves seem fine and the gutters are clean, and the rain cannot directly hit from the exterior. It's a brick home and the caulk on the outside seems fine.

If I had to guess, I'm thinking water is comming off the roof, missing the gutters and then wrapping under the eves, traveling to the top of the window and then leaking between the the window and trim. I have had this happen to a few different windows in the home. I am looking for suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks.
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Welcome to DoItYourself.com and the Door & Window forum.

The first part of the challenge is to figure out WHERE the leak is. It may be around the window itself (regardless of what the caulking LOOKS like!) or you might be on the right track that it's coming from the roof somehow.

Start with a garden hose on a dry day and spray the window and the wall around it. See if that causes the leak you are seeing. If not, start spraying the roof above the window and see if you can cause it.

Is there a vent in the wall or the eaves above the window? That's another possible source for a leak, but DON'T spray that! (You'll soak the insulation in the attic and it'll be ruined. Of course, if the source IS an eave or gable vent, you attic insulation is probably already history in that area. Might want to make a trip through the attic and have a look-see.
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I had an issue like this but only with wind driven rain. is yours only during wind-driven rain?

In my case water was getting under the siding where it met a roof over my breezeway. The wind would push it under, it would then roll down underneath the siding j-channel and find a way to the INSIDE of one of my casement windows. I know you dont have siding, but look for something like that.

If you think its clearing the gutter, try putting a piece of flashing bent parallel with the gutter at the end of the gutter that goes near that window. Apparently this is actually the CORRECT way to flash around a gutter, but Ive never seen it. It prevents just what you might think is happening, and keeps the water going into the gutter, or at minimum flying off the "diverter" about 4" away from the house.


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