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Let's talk about installing pre-hung entry doors...

Let's talk about installing pre-hung entry doors...

Old 07-08-08, 10:49 AM
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Let's talk about installing pre-hung entry doors...

Hi gang-
I have installed two entry doors on my house, back and basement. They both went OK, but the back door has a bad gap at the top... I assume the frame is slightly twisted perhaps.

Just last week I installed a new door on the front of the house. It went well and closes... beleive it or not.... like it should!

What are some tricks, methods, ect to getting these pre hung doors to go in and swing properly?
Old 07-08-08, 11:45 AM
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Not a pro, but most pre-hungs when ya buy them are pretty square. It's probably the floor that most likely is not level. If it's not, you have to cut one side of the jamb. The trick is to cut it correctly so you don't end up with weird gaps.

Installing a pre-hung door IMO is not a simple task unless you get lucky like you did with that new door you installed in the front your house-which btw...congrats

Most times, adjustment have to be made even if you measured correctly.

Did you make any adjustments?
Old 07-08-08, 03:39 PM
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Follow the supplied directions. Check the opening for plumb/level. Set the door in the opening, level the threshold with shims. Set the hinge side plumb, shim at the hinges as needed. Remove the two inside screws from top/middle hinges, insert one long screw 2 1/2+ in each hinge, snug only. Check the latch side for plumb, and check the gap top to bottom. Shim for tight weatherstrip fit and straight jamb/door clearance. Shim and nail or screw latch side jamb. Most production carpenters nail everything(time is money), I prefer screws, because I can go back and make adjustments if needed. Recheck everything before setting everything tightly, then again when tight. Fill air gaps with non expanding foam(DAPFoam or similar, trim out.
Old 07-09-08, 12:25 PM
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I only use screws (no nails) to install pre-hung doors (entry or interior). I think it actuall saves some time since the adjustments are easier. You don't necessarily have to put them in the hinge holes you can counter sink and fill with wood filler and paint/stain/whatever.
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As already mentioned, plumb and level make or break the installation. It has to be plumb left and right and front and back. I too, only use screws and only screw the sides, never the top and bottom.

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