removing metal door frames


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removing metal door frames

hey all im new to your site so firstly hello everyone!,
right im struggling here im trying to do a private job for my mum the job is replacing all the door frames and doors in the house, i have no problem with this as im a chippy but only a young one! (22).
her house is an ex council house which was built im guessing maybe early 60's late 50's! and all the door frames throughout the house are metal! ok so this wouldnt be a problem iif i could see any fixings! there is'nt 1 screw on the whole frame anywhere! so i removed the strike plate (latch) to see if there was any hidden fixings behind there but no noe what so ever it's doing my head in! do you think maybe trying to bash them out? there isnt any door stop on the frame either its just 1 piece frames! please help cheers every1 ash
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I ran into this once. The jambs are installed prior to plastering and the fasteners are hidden. We used a reciprocating saw and cut the jambs out. We had to add some framing and drywall then hang and trim new doors.
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I use a sawzall with an Axe blade. The Axe and Torch blades cut wood or metal like butter. They are available at Home Cheapo.
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thanks alot lads! il try that, i got a repricating saw with metal blades so il give it ago if that fails il get my angle grinder out as its pretty thick metal! what a pain this is going to be ha ha cheers for your help lads appreciate it ash,
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Damage to surrounding walls


I have the same problem (in UK). We want to block in one of the doors and plaster over it as if it was never there. I'm concerned that taking out the door frame may cause a lot of damage to the surrounding walls (probably breeze block) if we were to rip out the fixings. Hopefully this method is better. So would I need to chip away around the door frame then cut through the jambs? Are bricks likely to come away around the edges of the door or wouldn't you be able to tell until you'd done it?! I'm just cautious not to open a can of worms. Obviously if we are getting it filled in with brick we can patch up but want to minimise expense.

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