How do I put a door here? (see picture)


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How do I put a door here? (see picture)

Hi All,

I really need some help here. I am somewhat of a novice at doing things myself. Although, I am a mechanical engineer and design complex machinery for a living.

I have placed a picture here to show my predicament. I have a slab house with no attic. I want to put a door in an existing room. I tore down the sheet rock, because the texture was horrible. The picture below is what I found. The wall is 8 ft tall. On the lower part of the wall runs a water pipe (copper) and two electical lines. I was thinking of routing the piping under the door I want to put in by removing some of the slab, running the copper down and then covering it back up with cement. Other than that I don't see many other options. I could run it over the door I guess. Also, to make a turn in a copper pipe like that means cutting and joining somehow.

The methods for joining a copper pipe seem to be saudering or compression fitting. I am against saudering because of access and I am wary of doing a poor sauder joint. I guess that's enough said. Here is the picture. What do you think?

<img src="" width="470" height="626">


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Things to look at...where does the pipe come from and where does it go. Ditto with the cable. If that is a water heater I see in the right margin, you can elbow the copper up and over the door header and eliminate the drop back down by just re-running it to the water heater. The cable must either be re run completely or two junction boxes must be installed on either side of the door with the cable going up and over like the pipe, just not in the same holes. Again, where does it go and what does it service. If it is a home run of 12-2 on a 20 amp receptacle service, you could install two receptacles on either side of the new door eliminating the need for the junction boxes as the j-boxes must remain on the surface and accessible.
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How do I put a door here?

Hi Chandler,

The water pipe comes from the bathroom and goes back to a spigget in the back yard.

The cables have recepticles not to far on either side of the door so I don't mind rerunning it. I was also planning on running some lights off one of the lines, so I will put a light switch on one side.

Any suggestions on the copper pipe joining?
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Even if your local Plumbing Code allowed you to use compression fittings inside a wall cavity (doubtful) you would be faced with two solder by compression joints. That puts a chink in your objection to soldering the joints. Learn, or hire it done. On a skill level of 1 to 10, soldering ranks somewhere between two and three.

Go overhead. Do not embed copper pipe in concrete. They don't get along. Repair bills (you will need help if it happens) will be up in the thousands.
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Sounds good. That's what I'll do. I've welded plenty of metal in my life so sauldering shouldn't be hard. I'll send a picture when it's all finished.
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The first question that needs answered is is that wall holding anything up. Is it a bearing wall? If not you don't need much of a headded if it is you need to adequately support the stud you will be cutting. Ditto on Chandlers comments.

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