Extreme condensation and mold on new windows

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Angry Extreme condensation and mold on new windows

I live in an apartment that is newly constructed, and when I signed the lease, the manager mentioned that the windows had to be cleaned for mildew. I didn't realize then, that she was hinting at my current problem?? I have three windows, single paned with metal edges, and there is condensation around the entire perimeter of each window, and there is now black mold growing at the bottoms of each. I am very concerned because I have two small children and their window is the same way. I have cleaned the windows with a bleach/water solution, but the condensation is immediately back, and I feel that I would go through a large towel each day for each window if I were to try wiping it all away completely. What can I do to get rid of the moisture? I don't expect the apartment complex to do anything about it without a fight...everything else has been that way so far. Can I caulk them more to keep out moisture? Should I keep the mini blinds constantly pulled up and the curtains to the side? I always have the ceiling fans on, so the extra air circulation has thus far failed. Also, what is the best way to clean the mold without leaving anything harmful for my children?
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Welcome to the forums! Sadly, single pane metal frame windows conduct cold air the worst, and that cold hitting your relatively warm interior causes condensation. I suspect your comfort level of heat (with kids) is pretty high. Lowering your thermostat and installing a dehumidifier in the area may help, but there is no cure other than replacing the windows with quality windows. I can't believe they would install metal framed single pane windows in a new construction building. Doesn't make economical sense, even figuring in the difference in the initial cost of the windows. There is "frugal" and there is "cheap". In the meantime, wipe the areas down with a weak solution of a product like Lysol to keep the mildew at bay until your relative humidity is reduced.
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You need to increase ventalation until RH has come down.
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Yes blinds up and curtains to the side.

When you say metal edges, are you looking at the edge of the glass or the frame around the glass. What you might be seeing is the metal spacer between the two glass panes. As Mr. Chandler said, I can't believe they used metal framed single pane windows on new construction. I don't think they would even be allowed in an apartment. Open the window and put one hand on the outside and the other hand on the inside and you should be able to see if the space is one layer of glass or more.

Also, who pays for the heat, you or is it part of the rent?

As for the moisture, the normal household moisture is only a problem, like you are having, when the unit is very tight. New construction and the fact that they already know about the problem would say tight. If they are paying the heat then tight for sure.

There are steps you can take to reduce the moisture and resulting condensation. Run your bath fan for 30 minutes after showers. Eliminate any live plants. Lids on pots while cooking. Don't dry clothing inside. Make sure dryers in your building are vented to the outside. Water leaks. And look for other sources I may not have mentioned.

Once you eliminate all of the extra sources of moisture, then give it a few days. If the problem persists, consider a de-humidifier.

Let us know what you find.

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The mold is probably coming back quickly because there is mold on parts of the window you can't clean- behind the trim (or drywall return, depending on what you have around your window). I agree with all the above comments. Tilex works well to both clean and disinfect. A thorough spraying/wiping once a week should eliminate your visible mold problem.
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C'mon Airman, you would ventilate a living area, but not a crawlspace to equalize the RH??? SER27, please excuse us a moment.

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