Soundproofing a bedroom door

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Soundproofing a bedroom door

Hello everyone.

Me, my fiancee, and my brother live in a 2/2. The 2 bedrooms are in the same hallway not that far from each other. My fiancee is pregnant and is expecting in December. The baby will be in our bedroom for the first 6 months or so. In order to shield my brother from the crying of the baby at odd hours of the night, I wanted to soundproof my bedroom door or both bedroom doors. What would be the best way for me to soundproof the bedroom doors? Will it even work good enough to mask the crying of the baby?

Pleae help and thanks in advance.
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Hi Nando, difficult to sound proof, as in stop all sound, but you can reduce the amount of sound. If the doors are not directly opposite each other, then the sound has to bounce off of the hallway walls, back and forth, to move from one room to the other, at least some of the sound. So any sound absorbing material installed along the hallway will get you started. Next, would be weather strip the doors, not to save on heat, but to air seal them so sound doesn't move directly past the door. Then add something like acoustical tile material (as used in drop ceilings) on each door. They don't have to be glued in place, in fact loose is better. You could hang them from straps that go up, over, and all the way around each door. Both sides would increase to attenuation of sound energy.

Now you may not want to mention this to your fiancée, but the more furniture and things you have in a room the more it will reduce the sound. Enjoy your, soon to be, new addition.

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Like Bud said. Or simpler, a hanging movers blanket (quilted), screwed to the trim on the hinge side (to cover the door crack, and extended with a stick on top past the trim on the latch side. Hangs with a space 1/2" for sound control, to door face.

they have a few sizes: - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices Be safe, G
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if sound is your concern then all you need to do Is remove your existing doors and replace them with Solid-Core Doors.Doing this will eliminate approx 90% of the noise if and this is a BIG IF the new doors are installed by a Qualified Door Hanger/Carpenter not your local Handy-Man (in most cases) The new doors level of soundproofing will GREATLY DEPEND on the Quality of the fit in relation to the Jamb opening. If the door is installed with the standard 3/32" gap around the top and two sides and a Maximum of 1/4" above the floor.Ideally the doorbottom would be cut so as that the door (if above carpeting) would slightly touch the the carpeting at the highest point (wherever that may be) when the door is swung open. If you follow these Directions then sound through the doors/Hallway wont be an Issue. You will actually get more sound through your walls then throuuugh your doors. So good luck and Congrats on the new member of the Family
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How thick are your walls though? Soundproofing the door alone may not be enough. You may want to check to see if the walls are a bit thin as then you may just be wasting time soundproofing the door if the noise is going to go through your walls anyway.

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