Full or half window screens?

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Question Full or half window screens?

We are getting new windows put in and the installer has asked us if we want full or half window screens. As simple a decision as this should be, we're really struggling with what to choose.

Our original thought was to get them for better ventilation (by raising the lower sash and lowering the upper sash). Our window guy explained that the grids we are ordering won't be as visible with full screens and recommended that we reconsider either the grids (which we are definitely getting) or getting the full screens.

I personally like the looks of a full screen (I think it looks more 'finished') however sometimes I like to take photos out my windows, which would obviously not be an option if we went with the full sizes. I might also point out that I've never had full screens and have survived just fine with half screens my entire life.

Does anybody have any opinions or experiences with getting full versus half screens? Regrets going one way or another? Are there other issues we're not considering?
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I think you've answered your own question, half screens is what you need. I never heard the argument about the full screen not making the grids visible. You may want to use full screens on certain windows where you feel top ventilation may be better, like a bathroom.
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I agree with all your points....and partially with the seller. Full screens WILL slightly obstruct the view of the grilles, esp with darker screen material.

I think 1/2 screens look kind of odd on a DH window. Your idea of ventilation is correct...thats the way it should be done. With the advent of central heat and air, thats been sort of forgotten. If you will be opening the windows a lot...then I'd go with full.

Now...if you are not getting grilles in both sashes...I don't think it will make much difference if you use 1/2 screens.

As johnam said...no reason why you couldn't mix and match. Just keep the same screens for windows visible from the same spot (ie...whole front or rear of the house).

You could always order different screens later if you don't like what you choose. Most vinyl window screens are pretty inexpensive.
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I replaced all my windows with Marvin double hung inserts. We got the full screens because I thought the half screens would look silly. They easy to remove if you want to take pictures. There are to pins you pull on from the inside and the screen will pop out.

You can see the grills no problem with these screens. Yes, the windows owuld look way better without screens, but they look nice with them. I know Marvin offers screens that are less visible that what we got.

Here is a picture of our windows shortly after they were installed with the screens on them:

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The windows we bought for our home came with 1/2 screens. There was an option to buy full screens but we didn't see the need. Our screens are able to move up and down (or side to side on slider windows) so if you want to vent at bottom you slide the screen down. If you would like to vent through the top you slide the screen up.

Screens aren't typically dark enough to hide grid patterns, but if you are worried about that then I would go with the 1/2 screens.

The screens we have also easily come out. They are spring loaded on one side so you just push to that side, then pull out.
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If you slide a half screen up and open the top sash for ventilation, you end up with a gap between the bottom of the screen and the top sash for the smart insects to come in.

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