Metal door question

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Metal door question

I installed a new door knob on a metal french door last night. I must have overtightned the door knob because this morning i noticed that the face of the door inside (the hole where the knob goes through) is slightly pulled inward. Can i take off the knob and try to gently push the metal outward or am i going to screw things up even worse. What about a scar or trim plate. I saw one on line but it looks like it sits very close to the edge of the door it looks like the plate will extend beyond the edge of the door or am i looking at it wrong.
Thanks alot for any input
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Many doors come from the factory with a metal or plastic reinforcing collar that goes inside the door knob and deadbolt holes that is shaped like a C. Many people remove this and throw it away not knowing what it's for. So that could be the problem. Or maybe the door never had one of those collars in the first place. Without the collar, you might tighten the screws until they are snug, but as the handle gets used, the handle will eventually get loose and slip... making you tighten the screws even more, which distorts the skin of the door. If you need a sleeve, you could probably get some sheet metal and simply cut a strip the right width, curve it to the right shape (C), and insert it into the hole, leaving a space for the latch to pass through. It would need to be pressed back so that it fits between the steel skins and acts as a spacer.

If the sleeve IS installed, and the skin of the door is distorted, there probably isn't much you can do about it now. There's a fine line between tightening a knob too much and not enough. Also, some knobs will have a little burr on them that is supposed to help grip the door (presumably this works best on wood doors) but it might dimple the surface on a metal door. If that is the case, you might want to grind the burrs off so that it doesn't dimple. But if the metal is already dimpled, it might be too late to correct that.

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