How to fill a doorway

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How to fill a doorway


My home has a door from the bathroom to the backyard. We would like to fill the opening and make a wall to replace the door. I helped with Habitat for Humanity and as a result have some basic understanding about framing and I believe I can do the work myself. I have a few questions and thought you might be able to help:

1 - it is a block house - if I frame the hole it will be noticeable from the outside that there used to be a door there. Is there an easy way to hide it? One option would be to stucco the whole wall. Any other ideas?

2 - I understand I have to remove the existing door, frame, etc. How should I attach the foot to the floor?

3 - I know I have to use drywall on the interior side. What about the exterior side? What should I use?

4 - What should I use to cover the gap between the existing block wall and the new wall on the exterior side? Should I caulk? Or use a different product?

And my last question... Am I crazy if I try to do it myself? How difficult is the job?

I kind of like the idea of trying it myself, but my wife would not be happy if I can't finish it in one day and leave an opening there overnight... :O)

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

Have a wonderful day!
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Ideally you would fill the opening with block to match the rest.

Framing with wood would likely be easier and you could install plywood, tar paper, lath and stucco to the outside. The bottom plate can be attached to the concrete with tap con screws. You would frame the hole in a manner that would bring the stucco flush with the exterior wall, you would probably want to do the same with the interior.

This shouldn't be too hard for a diyer to do especially if you have the motivation and know when and where to ask for advice

btw - welcome to the forums!
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Good suggestions from Mark. But to answer your questions.

1. The only way to have a seamless job is to redo the block by adding a block fill. Not a simple job. Even then, unless the block is painted, it will probably show.

The rest is easy, and you seem to understand that part. Frame up to the interior wall(don't forget insulation) , add drywall and finish with tile or whatever.
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Hello, I'm just going to throw out this idea. I never worked on a block house. I think patching the inside would be easy, but doing the outside would present me with problems. I would not attempt to fill the hole in but rather cover it to make it look like the house was built that way. An example say the door is 3-0. I would frame the door so I could install some 4-0 siding. Maybe shiplap Hardi board up to the roof line. Trimed and painted it would look OK.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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Thank you guys. Based on your answers I decided to do the work myself and frame the hole myself. I am kind of excited with trying this out. I can stucco the whole patio wall later or convince my wife to do a mural where the door used to be.

Woodbutcher - interesting idea about going all the way up to the roof line. This will definitively eliminate any hint that there used to be a door there.

Mark - thank you for the welcome, the tips, and for the confidence that I can probably tackle the job myself. You sure have more confidence on my abilities than my wife... :O) By the way I checked on the tapcon screws and found that they come in 2 sizes:

"The Tapcon® concrete screw comes in two diameters — 3/16" and 1/4", and two different head styles- hex washer head and flat counter sunk Phillips."

Which one do you recommend?

Bill - I agree that even if we hired a contractor to fill the hole with block it would probably show if we don't paint. thank you for the advice.

I will tackle this as soon as I finish removing the popcorn ceiling from the bedrooms. Wish me luck! :O)

Have a great afternoon! And thank you again for the advice.

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