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Andersen vs Jeld Wend Replacement Windows ...

Andersen vs Jeld Wend Replacement Windows ...

Old 01-29-11, 10:56 PM
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Question Andersen vs Jeld Wend Replacement Windows ...

Hi Everyone,

I live in Southern California. And, I'm trying to find replacement windows for my old aluminum windows.

From houses I have seen and in terms of the most popular stores (Home Depot and Lowes), I find that a lot of people seem to be using Andersen or Jeld Wend windows.

From online reviews, I've heard more negativity about Jeld Wend Windows (such as why they changed their name or merged names) and better things about Andersen Windows (such as the fact Andersen has been around and looks to be firmly staying around). Andersen seems to be the front runner as they seem to be the most popular and plentiful.

In terms of Anderson windows, it seems the options are between the 200 and 400 series windows. For me, I want a good bang for my buck. So I am trying to find a good window that is not to overly spendy but also a window that isn't too cheap in quality. I am willing to pay more if the windows is worth paying extra for.

For those curious, I plan on doing the installation for the windows myself. I plan on just doing one at a time. This way I can try one out to see how good the quality is before buying more and installing more.

What I like about purchasing from a store like Home Depot or Lowes is that there is no haggling over having to have a professional install it. I can just go there, tell them my size, and they will have a window made where I can then pick it up; no fuss.

Opinions on Jeld Wend vs Andersen windows? Is there any other windows someone suggest I may look at? Some of the other types of windows that Home Depot sells beside Andersen or Jeld-Wen is Hy-Lite, American Craftsman, Tafco Windows, POMA, Dyne, Velux, AstroGuard, Century, ...etc. Other's that Lowes sells are Pella, ThermaStar by Pella, West Palm, Velux, Better Bilt, ...etc.


Thanks in advance to all those who respond.

Old 01-30-11, 05:42 AM
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Jason, welcome to the forums! We are fortunate in our sleepy town to have Jeld Wen, Andersen and Pella showrooms/stores in our area (pop. 7500). So we can pick and choose. Higher ends of either of the manufacturers will give you great service. I personally like using Jeld Wen products for their comparative cost and construction methods. I am not slamming the others, just a preference. Looks as if you are doing your homework, and the installation isn't rocket science, so it is DIY friendly. Taking precise measurements at 3 points on both planes is the key to getting a window that fits properly. Ordering from an manufacturer or from a big box will result in similar delivery options, so you can go with whichever you feel more comfortable.
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window choices

Just installed 12 large, custom sized, 400 series Andersons. Great windows but not the greatest customer service. Was very surprised when most of the screens did not fit the windows, even more surprised when found out Anderson subcontracts the screen manufacture and tends to feel that its not their problem when they dont fit. Have had better quality windows/accessories with Marvin windows.
Old 02-14-11, 11:07 AM
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I installed 13 American Craftsman windows in our home last year. I evaluated Jeld-Wen and some others, but liked what I got better. I got the "8500" series - a step up from the "builder grade".

Overall quality was good - I had one sash with a cracked pane - replaced at no charge. No other issues.

I put Jeld-Wen in an addition at our second home. They were OK, but were builders grade, so not as nice.
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I am in the research stage myself, and you may have already done all that I can share, but I'll post it in case it can help.
See if you can get brochures for the windows you are considering and check them for Energy Star and the Standards Association Ratings.
(Better Business Bureau might also be helpful for warranty, etc.).
Besides the Energy Star rating, I am also looking into things like resistance to forced entry, and resistance to water ingression, and I must say I am impressed by ratings for Jeldwen carried by Home Depot. Andersen is not available here through the building supply chains, so I did not explore it much because of its price tag.
If you can�t get brochures, see if you can get the ratings from the overseeing bodies (National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC - Windowshop , International Standards Association, etc�)
The Standards Association has the following link that provides performance testing results for different manufacturers (note: testing does not include all window types and sizes; it�s done for sizes/window styles submitted by the manufacturers)

In Canada, there is a government energy site that provides simple ratings based on climate zones. It might be helpful to you if you live in one of the cold states, and if the same window styles are available in the US. Here are the links just in case (it might give you the chance to compare the performance of Andersen and JeldWen):
General standards that explain Energy Star ratings - for Canada):
Energy Efficient windows, doors and skylights –ENERGY STAR qualified

For specific manufacturers, you�ll find info here:
ENERGY STAR Canada - Search
(if you just select a manufacturer, but leave the window style selection on �All� (default), you�ll get the rating for all their windows).
I was told that Home Depot � in CANADA � sells Donat Flamand type of Jeld Wen Windows.
Old 02-15-11, 01:27 AM
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I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is about 700 miles north by north west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We're the Canadian province directly north of North Dakota. Where I live, it's common to hear of people freezing to death in the winter because their car stalled on a deserted country road or because they decided to walk home drunk from the pub and fell asleep in a snow bank. Whatever the reason, people freezing to death is not an uncommon occurance here in winter.

We have a Jeld Wen window manufacturing plant here, and the standard windows for new construction here will typically be PVC construction, triple glazed, low-e coated on one pane with argon gas in both air spaces.

My own personal opinion is that the quality of the window you get doesn't depend on who made it, but what kind of a climate it was designed for.

So, if you want real good windows, why not order them from the Jeld Wen plant here in Winnipeg. That way, you'll be getting windows designed for -40 deg. C. rather than windows designed for a mild California winter where "dressing up" to go outside means putting on a sweater. Where I live, you'd freeze to death outside with three sweaters on... it'd just take longer.

Their phone number is (204) 272-0379. Buy a $5.00 long distance calling card that gives you 100 minutes at 5 cents a minute anywhere in North America and you can phone Jeld Wen here in Winnipeg to settle all the details.

I can guarantee you that windows designed for our winters will blow the doors off of any company's windows designed for California winters. My understanding is that in some places in the USA, they have SINGLE glazed windows!!! That'd be comical out here.

Alternatively, go with COMMERCIAL non-opening anodized aluminum windows meant for office buildings. You'll get super-low-maintenance windows, but you just won't be able to open them in summer.

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Old 02-20-11, 08:14 AM
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By far we have had to replace more Pella and Anderson windows and storm doors that have failed or came in wrong in one way or another then any other company. Were talking about about 100 in 15 years of being in business. Two homes we had to change out every single window, and one has the Pella guy there every year replacing broken window cranks and fogged up sashes, and has been doong this for many years. PLus all the casement windows leak at the bottom because of a flawed design and a dead flat sill.
One load of 25 windows had a sticker on the plastic wrap that stated "exact size" and had the measurements I had given them right in the sticker. Everone of them was made 3/4" bigger then the size on the sticker that I had given them.
The clad windows from Anderson all rot out iside the bottom sashes and the Pellas all had fogged up glass. Both of the factory reps. would not even come out to look at the windows to see why they were failing. On Anderson french door with a transom light over it came delivered with an 1" of water already inside of it. It tool three months for them to send a replacement.
I switched to only using Wincor or Simonton and have never once had a call back and when they come in there made so perfect everyone of them just slips right in.
I almost never buy a window from Lowes or Home Depot because of the prices when it comes to anything but builders grade windows. Any siding supplyer can sell you windows for far less. Those companys that have the nice show rooms have so much over head that someones got to pay for.
In most cases I can save at least $25.00 per window.
Also check into if they extended the Energy Star credit on windows. If they did you can get a 30% tax credit on the materials cost on every window if it's not a rental or second home.
Trying to only by a few windows as you can afford them is going to end up costing more money. I get notices of price increases of around 5 to 7% every month because of the rising cost of fuel oil. PVC is a by product of oil. Plus if your trying to get a deal any sales person will give you a break if you just buy more then one or two.
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Nestor, how would your windows hold up in the sometimes HOT California heat? Cold isn't the only factor that a "real good" window has to live up to.
Old 01-14-12, 04:34 PM
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Parkroad22, welcome to the forums! The thread was nearly a year old, so they have probably gone.

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