IGU replacement in Aluminum window frame


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Question IGU replacement in Aluminum window frame

I have a failed IGU (insulated glass unit - dual pane) in an older aluminum window. I have another good IGU (from a spare old frame) that I wish to substitute for the failed unit.

When I try to separate the IGU from the frame it is stuck to it by a black sealant. I tried using a breakoff knife and putty knife but they don't work.

Without breaking the IGU, what is the best way to release the glass unit from the aluminum frame?

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graziers use a thin glazing tool, but maybe you could use a linoleum knife, paring knife or even a cheap pizza cutter bent at an angle. heating the perimeter with a torch might help soften up hard glazing too... but too much heat can break glass so be careful. you would obviously remove the glazing strips [stops] to give the glass room to move away from the glazing. often the glass breaks despite your most careful efforts so dont be suprised and lay down a dropcloth just in case. if the old igu is shot anyway dont try too hard to save it.
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After doing all this work, you may find that the insulating glass unit may fail in a shot time since it was made at the same time as the other. Buy a new one which comes with a guarantee.

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