Leaking window well followup


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Leaking window well followup

After advice from some of you, I called a lanscaper in regard to my window well problem. He told me that if you stood about 4 or 5 feet from my window wells, that the ground sloped towards the windows. He also suspects that when the house was built, the grading was incorrect. He also suggested that any digging that occurred after the house was built will change the way the water moves underground. (I had an inground pool built a year after the house was built, and a prefab tiny pond (160 gallons) near the bilko doors. He suggested that pipes need to be placed underground and extend out away from the house towards my drainage field. He also looked at the windows in the window wells and saw that they were not caulked at all. He asked that i caulk them on the outside and install window well covers which I purchased already. Can I use the Great Stuff window and door foam insulation on the inside around the windows? Unfortunately, the windows were just placed there and screwed in without any caulking. I am waiting for a price from the landscaper before I continue. He asked that I do the caulking and install the covers and see what happens before I continue with anything else. Does that sound right? Please share your thoughts.
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Glad you got things going before more damage took place. No, do not use great stuff for "caulk". I would use a product like Big Stretch or another elastomeric type caulk. It will stretch with the changes in the seasons and won't crack like caulk will. Great stuff will look goofy after it expands, provides no water infiltration properties, and will deteriorate in sunlight.
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Sounds to me like you found a good landscaper! Everything sounds right. As stated before use a good stretchable caulk on the outside of the windows. Yes the Great Stuff would work well on the inside of the windows. Trim it flush after it dries well and paint it if you do not plan to put trim around the windows later.
Be sure to follow the directions on the window well covers. Pay close attention to sealing them to prevent moisture build up.
Sounds like you are well on your way to solving your problems.

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