3 point lock system with 42" 8ft wood door


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3 point lock system with 42" 8ft wood door

This is my first post involving the construction of our first home.
I'd like to know if anyone has an opinion they would like to share regarding 3 point locks for wooden doors.

The door my wife and I are considering is a single (3/6 8') 42" 8ft GlassCraft rounded entry door constructed of knotty alder and glass on the upper half of the door.
The lock may be from W&F simply because its what the door company carries. It has a cool lever that is squeezed at the door handle.

Marketing literature and reps have told me three things regarding the 3point locks.
I will list them in order of priority to us.

1. The lock will significantly prevent warping of the wood door.

2. The lock will provide a significantly greater seal around the door, which in turn not only provides greater efficiency, but an awesome feel when operating the door. (We would really like to feel impressed with the heftiness and true wood experience of the door not much unlike the feel of operating a heavy/solid car door.)

3. It provides greater security. (Don't care. The door has a lot of glass so the lock for security is a ridiculous notion.)

Thanks for reading my post!
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2 and 3 I can agree with. You'd be surprised how strong the glass can be, esp if it is decorative. If so, it will actually be a sandwich of 3 panes set in a frame and bonded together (at least every one I've ever seen is). The week point would be how it is set in the wood...but it will be plenty strong I imagine. I used to destroy damaged doors in a trash crusher and often the glass would still be relatively intact though the frame was splinters and the door was bent in half. I'd guess you are getting the 3/4 lite arch top...similar to this?

About 1, I guess they are basing it on the fact that the latch side will be held in a rigid position at 6 (or more) points when you count the hinges. I'm just not sure it's valid. If wood wants to try to warp it will. Sure you won't notice it when the door is closed, but open it and any warped areas will spring to where they want to be, making latching more difficult.

I don't see specs on actual construction...but most of them use a relatively thick veneer over an engineered core. Pretty warp resistant as wooden doors go, as long as they are not directly exposed to weather and sun and are properly maintained.

I won't try to dissuade you...the doors are beautiful...but plan on at least a full day day (or more) of maintenance each and every year. Cleaning, sanding and refinishing will be a must do!
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Vic is correct about the maintenance unless there is a decent size porch roof shielding the door from the elements. You want the door finished with a spar urethane. If you go much beyond 1 yr the finish will start to deteriorate to a point that makes refinishing a bigger job. The more the door is protected from sun and rain, the longer the finish will last.
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Wow, time flies! Thanks for the replies. We chose not to get the 3 point lock for the time being. I just don't think it is truly necessary with the entrance being positioned away from the harshest direction of the wind and sun. They money can be better spent on the house somewhere else. Besides, a broken lock of that sort to replace could be an irritating job.

I'm going to have to confirm the door size. My wife and I may be misunderstanding the lingo the rep used. She thinks the rep explained to her that the lingo "3/6/8 oh" means a wide 44" door (36"+8").
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No....I think what the rep said was 3/0 6/8....ft/in....or 36 x 80 in homeowner speak.
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Door Size

Read the fine print above under available sizes shown with the pictures of the doors.
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if your door is truely 8' then i would definitley recomend 3 pt lock system , ive had them in my own home they give a superior seal

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