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what to do with outside door sidelites/frame (paint, cap etc)

what to do with outside door sidelites/frame (paint, cap etc)


Old 10-25-11, 08:35 AM
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what to do with outside door sidelites/frame (paint, cap etc)


pics are in that post...i plan on getting a new door and new windows put in in place of the existing lites. all existing framing, like the bottom half of the lites, will remain AS IS, they wont touch it.

im' very much a novice and of course i can paint, but i cant think of what else to do about the wood i have outside the house there. it's actually in OK shape ( meaning when you press on it no water comes out or anything, and it seems hard still)

but since the new windows will be white vinyl and the door will be and undecided yet color, i was thinking what to do with the existing wood other than paint it. i do like the 'design' of the wood and i dont know if someone can come to the house and cover it all with vinyl or something? i do NOT want siding though.

totally lost, hate to scrape and paint just to do it again plus i'm looking for a bit better insulation if possible. but if the painting and scraping is the cheapest and is the only real option to retain the look, then i may just do it.

i just worry that even if someone can 'cover' it all with something agreeable, that i then lose the styling...would be plain and boring lol

any suggestions welcome, looking for all advice

also they told me not to do anything until after they are done and of course i worry about damage to my new 2300 dollar door and lites
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Old 10-26-11, 03:21 PM
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Correct.....totally lost!!!

Why would you bother to save the old framing. The whole thing can be replaced with a MUCH more energy efficient unit, and probably for less money that trying to save the old frames, which appear to have some rot problems. Forget the paint job, easy to repaint or paint the new.

I have been a remoder for 26+ years and i hear this argument all the time, and it just boggles the mind!!!! Can you use the old framework.......yes, but it will probably cost twice as much.
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well this guy costs 2300 for the door and 2 windows in the existing lites...if u are saying you can put in an entire one piece unit for 1250 ill hire you to do it

he said he started to run the numbers but it got over 4000 for it as 'one piece'

so for him it's definitely 2x as much to buy an entire new unit..he said the 89 inches wide is a real issue with the width of the glass etc...

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