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How best to hang large plexiglass (like stained glass insert) inside a window

How best to hang large plexiglass (like stained glass insert) inside a window


Old 11-07-11, 07:07 AM
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How best to hang large plexiglass (like stained glass insert) inside a window

I have a 6 foot half round window (6 foot diamter, 3 feet bottom to top) That is above a set of regular windows in my living room with a catheral ceiling. In the winter time, the sun shines right through this window and I really want to block it. I dont want to spend major dollars for a workable blind set for this type of window and dont want to have the window constantly blocked.

I have decided to use the non-glue adhesive window cover (like Colorforms) so we can also have a nice stained glass design. I can get a 4x8 sheet for about $100.

Figuring this would be a big pain to put up, and that it would be tough to change if I wanted to, I have decided to do the following.

A while ago, I bought a 4x8 of 1/8 plexiglass that I will cut to the shape of the window (I already routered out the molding for this window so I have my router all jigged to do the cut).

Then, I will put the covering on the plexi and hang the plexi over the window. This way, it will be easier to work with the flimsy film since I can do it on a table, and I can take the plexi down when I want (and change the film).

My question is, what is the best way to hang the plexi. My two thoughts are:

1) Cut it so it is the same size as the glass portion of the window and press it right up to the window. Then use a few "L" shaped brackets to screw into the wood part of the window (not sure if this is the sash). This way, the plexi would be braced right up against the glass. My concern is that heat could not escpape and might damage the window. I had a friend that had a front door warp because the sun was on it all summer and his storm door was closed without a window on it - the heat could not escape.

2) Hang the plexi from a couple of chains that are screwed to the inside of the window frame. This way, heat could escape. I am just not sure if that would be too heavy and might also damage the window.

Any thoughts?
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Old 11-08-11, 04:09 AM
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You may have problems with each of your ideas. The plexi against the glass may cause condensation between the glass and the plexi. 1/8" free hanging plexi may warp from the heat of the sun. Unfortunately I can't come up with and idea right now.
Old 11-08-11, 07:21 AM
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condensation? I didnt think of that.

I could put small spacers between the plexi and the glass - small clear pieces of plastic.

I thought about the warping though. I thought about making a frame to go around it but i didnt want to turn this into a massive project. I could reinforce the perimeter with a second layer of plexi glued on (so that the outer perimeter of say 2 inches all around is 1/4 inch plexi.

Do you think it would be too heavy to hang?
Old 11-14-11, 10:28 AM
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Have you thought about self adhesive velcro tape - it is actually pretty strong and would make the installation / removal a lot easier than installing L brackets every time. The velcro would probably breath enough to eliminate any condensation problems or you could just leave a few gaps to ensure it breathes.

Good Luck!

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