Adjusting door bottom replacement


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Adjusting door bottom replacement

Installation of new flooring left a drafty gap between my front door and the threshold. The door is 30+ years old and I was unable to find a vinyl strip replacement to just slide into the existing door bottom. Installing a new U-shaped door bottom seemed easy enough, but all the new fins are too tight against the threshold and the door is very difficult to close now. I considered replacing the threshold too, but the existing threshold is already very low and any replacements I've found are taller and would make things even tighter.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on what I can do to adjust things?
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Door thresholds can be a little tricky. Generally you want to remove the existing threshold and then measure the height you need. If the door isn't parallel to the threshold you will have trouble getting the threshold to seal evenly with the door, so it's usually best to check that before you start, and if needed you may need to shave a little more off the door to make the door parallel with the threshold.

There are both oak thresholds, and aluminum thresholds that are readily available in stores. Most come with a bulb weatherstrip on top. If you can't find the exact height you need, you can always get one that is a little shorter, and then use a table saw to rip down some oak filler strips that you can use as spacers under the threshold. This will give you a little adjustment if you need to go a little higher, just cut those strips a little thicker. If your threshold is oak, you would glue these to the bottom of the threshold. If it is aluminum, you would place them under the front and back edges of the aluminum threshold before you screw it down.

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